I can feel your hot sultry breath

I Can Feel Your Hot Sultry Breath On My Neck
The Tenderness Of Your Touch On My Thigh
Your Hands Run Across My Face
Your Lips So Soft On My Skin

In A Quick Wave Of Lust
You Throw Yourself Upon Me
I Exhale With Pleasure
As Passion Ignites In Your Eyes
My Fingers Rough Yet Gentle
When Sliding Over Your Breasts
Ravishing You With Kisses…
All Over Your Body
You Taste So Sweet In My Mouth
Palms Sweaty As You Grasp My Hips
As Lust Grows And Passion Reigns
I Call Out Your Name (Marcy)
Seductive Tones Linger In The Air
My Body Tingling From Head To Toe
In The Dim Light I See Your Face
As The Motion In Your Hips Slowly Fades Away
A Sigh Of Relief The Tension Now Set Free
With The Magic Made Between You And Me…