I can feel myself slowly fade away

I Can Feel Myself,
Slowly Fade Away.
I Just Want,
You To Notice Me.
To Recognize Me,
To Praise Me.
I Can’t Get Your Attention,
Unless I’m In Trouble.
I Love You,
But Do You Love Me Back?

You’re Always Preoccupied,
With More Important Things.
You’ve Never Once,
Came To One Of My Concerts.
You’ve Never Heard Me Sing,
Never Seen My Pictures.
I’m Fighting,
A Losing Battle Here.
I’m Calling Out For Help,
But Is Anybody Listening?
I’m Made To Suffer,
Alone In This World.
I Look Into The Mirror,
And I Don’t Recognize,
The Person Staring Back At Me.
I Watch You,
From Afar.
I Stand Alone,
I Walk Alone,
I Cry Alone.
All I Want,
Is Some Acknowledgement,
Before I Fade From Sight.

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