Some call it bed of roses feel

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Some Call It Bed Of Roses,
Some Feel Its Cruel
But The Irony Is Dat It Is Dual.
The Former Is Just A Myth

Comes In D Wee Hours,
Deserts Our Souls Behind D Bars.
D Latter Depicts Its True Sense
For Which Courage Acts As D Incense
For So Long I-‘ve Been Wondering
Lookin Forward 2 D Upcoming
Wud There Be An End 2 My Mood Swing?
Will I Get 2 C My Desires Dance And Hopes Sing?
Lets Keep Fingers Crossed & C Wat Does Fortune Bring.
At Times, I Pray If A Friend Cud Ring
Life Sounds Still Widout A Li-‘l Zing
School Time Was My Best Tune Sung
Old Friends R Where My Heart Is Clung
Viewing My Life Through N Through.
Wud You Say Its Jus A Season Of Blue?
Having Seen So Much I Feel Its Really Tough
Now You People Won-‘t Ever Say -Å—the World Is Not Enough-!