Witnessing the dystrophy shedding shallow breath and

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Witnessing The Dystrophy, The Shedding,
Shallow Breath And Smoke Flutes Languorous, Cramped In Our Little Kitchen.
Off-White Buildings Slivered By Pencils, Like Prison Watchtowers, Snipers Cocked To Blow Away The Place That Was Never Really Ours.
Idiopathy Cranks Its Raging Path -— This Time The Reason Is Clear,
The Dead-End Blame And My Sureness Is Slipping, Slipping My Grasp.

All These Years, The Sick Pendulum Motion, Waiting For
Stasis. The Equal Me To Walk And Talk Absorbed In Someone Else But -Ë—i-‘.
Sunken Over Some Days To What Lay Ahead, And What Didn-‘t. There-‘s
That Bell Again, The Knell Jolts Me Sharp And Gutted.
Even Those Few Dead Days After Your Exit
I Knew You Would Not Return To Tie This Knot Back Up.
Crumpling The Length Of Wapping Road, My Red Clicking Sloots,
Like Long Slow Apertures Blotting Out The Clouds, Sun, Sky.
Stars And Hearts Floating Out To The Mersey Estuary,
Unstuck From Our Cradle, Our Battles Of Tickets And Flyers -— As Unleaded Soldiers Drop.
The Pier Had Split And Changed Since Last Time Round, The Fresh Razor Breeze Lifts Me
As It Always Loved Me, Turning To Face The Ocean I Want My Life To Dive Fast.
Months After I Was Choking On Silver Stars And Red Hearts On Our Bedroom Floor,
All We Formed Lay Snagged, Fibre Wrapped Dead Fibre.
A Beautiful Prize To Be Seen, I Deceived Us With Snakes, And The Maps
I-‘d Drawn. I As Well, Junked Love To Bonfires. Glistening Brackish Pains, Frozen.
A Fossil Remains,
Petrified, Sorry.
This Is The One. And Though You Weren-‘t The First, You Are The Last,
The Last One To Exit.