Category: English Poetry

  • Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

    Two Roads Diverged In A Yellow Wood And Sorry I Could Not Travel Both And Be One Traveler Long I Stood And Looked Down One As Far As I Could To Where It Bent In The Undergrowth Then Took The Other As Just As Fair And Having Perhaps The Better Claim Because It Was Grassy […]

  • She makes me cry smile hurts

    She Makes Me Cry, She Makes Me Smile She Hurts Me , She Comforts Me Shez Truly A Wonderful Friend She Lifts Me Up When I’m Down She Hides My Pain When I’m Sad Shez Truly My Dearest Friend She Showers Her Love On Me She Makes My Day Complete Shez Truly My Loving Friend […]

  • Please give me a pill for this

    Please Give Me A Pill For This Pain And Don’t Let Me Feel Love’s Desdain Come Sew My Bleeding Heart Let Not Renewing Love Rip It Apart Please Help Me Stop This Crying Cover My Eyes Please, So Tears Stop Falling I Know This Feeling Won’t Last Forever But Help, It’s Hurting Now More Than […]

  • The room is spinning i can8217t breathe

    The Room Is Spinning I Can’t Breathe. How Do I Tell You About This Need? Strong And Burning And So Deep Inside. Way Down Past Everything That I Try To Hide. You Get Past The Memories; The Aches And The Pain. The Times I Was Left Hurting Swearing Never Again! Would I Love Someone, Would […]

  • In the calm sacred divine peace of

    In The Calm, Sacred, Divine Peace Of The Himalayan Valleys, Suddenly A Bullet Round Coomes From The Other Wise Round Comes Into Flash, Thrilling And Chilling Thunders Of Bullets. Where No Blade Of Grass Has The Courage To Take Birth, The Enemy Of The Other Side Yields The Crops Of Bullets, Guns And Cartriges. No […]

  • Drink deep from the bowl of bliss

    Drink Deep From The Bowl Of Bliss And Ask For God’s Loving Kiss For God’s Love Is Pure And Rare That You Can Get Just Through Prayer For God’s Love Is Like An Aid That Is Made Of The Cooling Shade Under Which You Can Sit And Cry And Talk To God In Hard Try […]

  • Inspired by death of leon greenman last

    Inspired By Death Of Leon Greenman, Last Survivor Of Auschwitz And His Memories Of Seeing His Mother Taken Away On A Train Wearing Red. Eyes Of A Gentle Man Haunting Yet Alive To All Possibilities No Melancholy Here, A Warriors Spirit Following The Train Tracks Of Life. Glimpses Of Red Carrying His Hopes That Somehow […]

  • Saing good bye is esy for

    Saing good – bye is esy for some and hard for other. Saing good -bye is letting go the one you love Saing good -bye is letting go of thee time we shard. Saing good-bye is emoshional, and some how hard. Saing good – bye sems esy, but when your the one letting go its […]

  • My mind is in the state of

    My Mind Is In The State Of Absense When It Comes To You What Was, Was, And Never Again Will Be Your Memories, They Laugh At Me…But I Too, Can Be Amused Because The Fact Of This Old Matter Is That You Can Never Again Be Renewed So Many Times I’ve Feared You Wished For […]

  • Queer as they come until you understand

    Queer As They Come Until You Understand That About Yourself, You Will Never Be Truely Happy Insanly Depressed Lately And I Think We Both Know Why Gotta Move Past This Hang-Up Of Fear You Have About What Others May Think Let Go And Just Be Yourself Eighteen Years Old You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead […]

  • Kisses can be full of pain they

    Kisses Can Be Full Of Pain. They Lead You In, Your Life To Drain. Building Up, The Tensions There. Possibly Your Cross To Bare. But Who’s Fault? Who Is To Blame? Everyone Knows Its Just A Game. Take You In, When Times Are Rough. Trying To Get More Then Enough. Who’s To Trust? Could It […]

  • You smile of sunlight gentle morning rays

    You Smile Of Sunlight Of Gentle Morning Rays Reflecting In The Silky Droplets Of Dawn’s First Kiss You Laugh Like The Breeze A Sparkling Summer Breeze Dancing Playfully With The Dry Remnants Of The Season’s Fragrant Blooms Joyful In Its Simplicity But You Lover You Are The Moment Before The Rain A Soft Eternity Of […]

  • Do what you can with have where

    Do What You Can With What You Have With Where You Are Anyway No Drug Not Even Alcohol Causes The Fundamental Ills Of Society If We’re Looking For The Source Of Our Troubles We Shouldnt Test People For Drugs We Should Test Them For Stupidity Ignorance Greed And Love Of Power

  • Fate takes no prisoners gives weekend passes

    Fate Takes No Prisoners Gives No Weekend Passes Has Not One Ounce Of Mercy But Lures With Tales Of ‘Once Upon A Times And Gets Itself Comfortable To Watch The Demise Of Those Who Dared To Believe In Its Fairytale Happy Endings

  • Days flew by like winds on an

    Days Flew By Like Winds On An Angry Storm I Can’t Pursue Your Fleeting Heart Please Stay Another Day This Sweet Memory Will Turn Into Bitter Dust Once You Decide To Go Please Stay Another Hour As You Make Your Way Through The Doorsteps Of Time I Feel Those Hopes Vanishing Please Stay Another Minute […]

  • Kierkegaard declared that everyone must make a

    Kierkegaard Declared That Everyone Must Make A Leap Of Faith, But A. B. Heschel Said That Jews Must Make A Leap Of Action. Faith Can Be Opaque Compared With Action, Squared On Its Hypotenuse When Jews Triangulate. Here Is The Theorem: When Jewish Angles Joined By Action Are Acute, The Jews Opposing Them Who Are […]

  • As the rain patters on my window

    As The Rain Patters On My Window Pane I Cry Out For You With A Silence Only We Can Hear As The Thunder Rolls I Fear That Your Car Wont Be The One Pulling In The Driveway As The Lightning Hits I Think Doubts That You Wont Be Here When I Wake Up In The […]

  • Empty my days nights with out you

    Empty My Days Empty Nights With Out You I Wake Up Every Morning How Do I Feel Gentle Touch Of Yours With Out You Your Hair Brushing My Body, With Out You Holding Your Face In My Hands, With Out You With Out The Heat Of Your Feminine I Know One Day You’ll Surely Come […]

  • If my eyes could ever show the

    If My Eyes Could Ever Show The Depth Of My Love For You I Would Have Never Blinked An Eyelid When Ever I Saw You. If Only Words Could Help Me Express What Ever I Felt For You I Would Have Never Been At A Loss Of Words When I Met You. If My Heart […]

  • My heart still hurts it8217s longing for

    My Heart Still Hurts It’s Longing For You But I Make It Through The Day ‘Cause I Don’t Think Of You I Tried To Be Busy As Long As I Could But At The End Of The Day You’re All I Could Think Of Now I’ve Got A Plan To Tire Myself All Day So […]

  • He was the son of god 8216tis

    He Was The Son Of God ‘Tis Said Yet Him They Crucified And Nailed To A Timber Cross On Calvary Wearing A Crown Of Thorns He Died And A Similar Fate Him Would Befall Were He Around Today The Good Condemned To Suffer As Some Are Known To Say. Good People Suffering And Dying In […]

  • Mom you are my world tought me

    Mom You Are My World. You Tought Me That Me That Is Not Right To Fight. You Will Alwas Be My Mommy.I Will Alwas Love You. It Sames Like Yesterday You Where Trying To Get Me To Say Mommy.Look At Me Now I Am Growning Up.Mom Just Know I Love You.

  • My pride is like a castle in

    My Pride Is Like A Castle In The Sand Washed Away By Hope And Need And Pain. You Left Me Holding Someone Else’s Hand, And Now You Stand Alone In Midnight Rain. I Want You Back Again If You Want Me; I’m Ready To Rebuild What We Have Lost, As The Owner Of A Dream […]

  • I have planned to build a love

    I have planned to build a Love Tower, Will spend all my money and power. (Ask about these two do I possess, Or the life is full of losses?) Four walls will be in the shape of heart, Very soon I want the work to start. Top of it will be like an arrow, With […]

  • Of mist and snow i brought some

    Of Mist And Snow I Brought Some Lifeless Tools Some Unimpassioned Griefs Some Unconfined Pain And A Lonely Flute Known As Muteness Zone…………. Where I’m Forced To Survive And Bear The Unwanted Pain……….. Seema Chowdhury

  • My love like a storm tears are

    My Love Like A Storm My Tears Are The Rain Thunder In My Heart Lighting Through My Veins Shaking Like The Wind Unsettling The Pain My Stomach Like An Earthquake, Does Yours Feel The Same? When I Hear Your Voice It Restrains The Pain Your Eyes Like The Sun Shining All Around, When Ur Near […]

  • Hypocrocy oh can you taste it all

    Hypocrocy Oh, Can You Taste It? All Around You, Deny And Lie Not What Sets Us Apart But What Brings Us Together Fake Your Innocence, You Know Why A Common Killer Takes One Look An Empty Judgement All It Took Why Are Hearts Led To Decieve? Or A Play On Thought Life Hanging On Your […]

  • I8217m torn apart your razorblade kisses shredding

    I’m Torn Apart. Your Razorblade Kisses Shredding Every Last Hope That I Have Hidden Away In My Heart What Point Is There In Holding On Now? Why Justify Myself To Faceless Enemies That Shouldnt Exist? I Am A Razorblade Romantic Waiting For The Next Cut The Next Piercing Blow The Next Anything That Makes Me […]

  • A stranger you were once then with

    A Stranger You Were Once. Then, With A Gentle Look You Took My Hand. As Our Lives Engaged, You Lit My Life And I Held Both Your Hands. Now That Decades Have Passed, Ours Souls Have Indeed Become One. How Fortunate We Are That We Have Found The Love So True That Everyone Dreams About.

  • Love is a blend of headstrong desire

    Love Is A Blend Of Headstrong Desire And It Melts One To Possess The Admire Life Phase Lifts A New Face And Things Mold New Pix To Shoot Vision Is Vibrant And An Altogether Differ Feel It Holds An Inclusion Of Unknown Person Whom We Coherently Make Exist The Things Shape With Our Own Will […]

  • Grandmothers are mothers who grand restoring the

    Grandmothers Are Mothers Who Are Grand, Restoring The Sense That Our Most Precious Things Are Those That Do Not Change Much Over Time. No Love Of Childhood Is More Sublime, Demanding Little, Giving On Demand, More Inclined Than Most To Grant The Wings On Which We Fly Off To Enchanted Lands. Though Grandmothers Must Serve […]

  • Let your attachments go like throwing a

    Let Your Attachments Go, Like Throwing A Handful Of Sand In The Air

  • She was on the phone for a

    She Was On The Phone For A Minute And A Half, Enough Time To Prove To Me How Much I Missed Her, The Honeyed Voice, The Cackling Laugh. When I Hung Up, I Saw Her With Me On The Beach, And I Smelled Her Hair, I Felt Her Wrapped Up Against Me, And, Once Again, […]

  • Writing the pain increases of scripter as

    Writing The Pain Increases Pain Of The Scripter As A Story He Cultivates To Search The Outer Crust Of Planet Earth. Parts Are Played By Characters With Names In This Story I Tell As It’s Me Who Happens To Be The Story Teller Of A Story Which Ends In Love As Love I Translate As […]

  • Sparkling silver yet transparent as glass small

    Sparkling Silver, Yet Transparent As Glass, Small Little Droplets, Cold And Soft…. Falling From The Sky, So Far And So High, Chilling The Air Around, And Wetting All The Ground… Plants Relish, Animals Play, Fishes Are Happy, And So Are We… For All Of Us Know, That The Drizzle Falling Now, Will Bring Rain Behind, […]

  • My grandfather dads dad died before my

    My grandfather Dad-‘s dad died before my time and I never knew him They never did talk much about him and now they are all gone too there-‘s only small snatches of things said in passing that stay with me That he was exactly like my brother Rob but 6 feet tall, That my father-‘s […]

  • I8217m loosing my touch i lost interest

    I’m Loosing My Touch I Lost My Interest In Much I Don’t Know Why Im Changing Im Not Sure Why Im Craving.. I’m Trying Real Hard To Keep Up With You But You Seem To Go Right Through I’ve Also Noticed You Hide A Lot Behind This Huge Rock I Wanna Know You But I […]

  • When you know its school at seven

    When You Know Its School At Seven, But In The Middle Of The Night You Feel Like You-‘re In Heaven; You Keep Wondering And Are Lost In Fantasy Land, And Are Unaware Of Time-‘s Falling Sand; You Wear His Favorite Color N Hear His Favorite Song, You Dun Remember Your Chores And You Know There […]

  • No matter what the distance regardless of

    No Matter What The Distance Regardless Of The Miles Our Heart Are Linker Together By Our Memories And Smile And All The Happy Moments We’ve Shared From Day To Day That Neither Time Nor Destance Can Ever Take Away

  • Writers the ragged dreamers eyes that see

    Writers The Ragged Dreamers The Eyes. That See The Dawn The Rose That Crys With Eyes. That Otheres See Through The Eyes. Of The Writers

  • I am a picture not of perfection

    I Am A Picture Not Of Perfection Rather Of Misconceptions A Once Pale Pink Canvas Now Is Splattered With Gray But I Don-‘t Mind It Just Gives Me Flair Some People Notice It, Others Choose To Ignore, But Most Just Can-‘t See The Truth In Me On The Outside Everything Paints A Pretty Picture Long […]

  • I may be just a teenager with

    ‚ I May Be Just A Teenager With Much To Learn And Discover Even In Love I-‘m No Wiser Still My Feelings Are Growing Deeper I Know Love Has Bloomed Like A Flower When In My Heart Only You Seem To Matter. You Have Stood By Me In My Life Through Tears, Laughter And Strife For […]

  • I8217ve been waking up lately with tears

    I’ve Been Waking Up Lately With Tears In My Eyes From Having Dreams Of You Saying Goodbye I Just Sit Around And Wish On A Star For You To Put The Happiness Back In My Heart On Oppisite Sides Of The Room We Sat There’s Something Wrong We Can’t Deny That We Don’t Even Really […]

  • Today im furious in rage i want

    Today I-‘m Furious I-‘m In Rage I Want To Tear You Out From My Chest Cage You Made Me Something Which I Never Wanted To Be Now I-‘m Lost And Lonely Because Of Thee I Wanted To Be Free To Enjoy, To Smile Now I-‘m Weeping For Love Which Will Never Be Mine? Living In […]

  • Time after time when i find myself

    Time After Time, When I Find Myself In A Bind, I Try Not To Get Upset. Although, It’s Not Easy To Do, I Try My Best, To Follow Through. As Of Now, I Haven’t Quite Succeeded, Yet. There Have Been Times I Felt, All Will Be Solved And Simply Go Away. But Alas, It Never […]

  • If it comes from her heart she

    If It Comes From Her Heart She Could Have Decided To Simply Dismiss The Rumor About The Bomb And The Bridge To Be Cut By These Rebels In Her Mind She Could Have Called Us In Such A Gentle Voice Of Anticipation That Dinner At Casey’s Would Have Been Nice And Easy But Like You […]

  • A right hold the lines and let

    A Right Hold The Lines And Let Me Roll Sleeping Tigers Let To Lie Open The Doors As Keys On Bosses Leaders Set The Worlds On Fires Trovers Set Aside By Laws Moneys Set Aside As Charms Set The Stages On Spots Is Man One To Up On Chests Is Bad Set To Rights On […]

  • Smiles dont last forever sometimes they fade

    Smiles Dont Last Forever Sometimes They Fade To Grey. Its Hard To Keep It Together. When Your Leaving Me This Way. How Can I Breathe With No Air. Its So Hard Not To Die. When Your Not Ever There. Do I Hear The Reply. My Voice Echoes Off The Walls. In This Empty Room. I […]

  • A masterpiece so tender and fragile markings

    A Masterpiece, So Tender And Fragile, Markings So Deep, Artwork Of God… Provider Of Life, Ocean Of Love, Emotions And Desires, Pouring Out All Over… Keep It Safe, Break It Not, Coz Fixture For It, Ain’t A Chance At All…

  • In two days my siblings and me

    In Two Days My Siblings And Me Are Throwing My Parents A Big Surprise 30th Anniversary Party. On This Occasion I Would Like To Say A Shayri That Would Be Appropriate For The Occasion. I Am The Eldest Sister And Would Like To Say Something That Reflects The Occasion And Something Not In English As […]

  • Warriors standing so tall in the feild

    Warriors standing so tall in the feild. Everybody saying we were badest. But look at us now we are the champsons. We have no time for losers.remember we are the best. We are the worldes greasted To the warriors breeanna mcelmurry

  • As a young kid i promised myself

    As A Young Kid I Promised Myself Never Regret, Never, Ever, Never As An Older Kid I Met Him Once Or Twice Doing Silly, Dumb Things And In The Morning He Waited For Me Saw Me In My Sickness And Shame But By Noon He Was Gone Again As An Ancient Kid, I See Him […]

  • When tomorrow starts without me and i8217m

    When Tomorrow Starts Without Me And I’m Not There To See, If The Sun Should Rise And Find Your Eyes All Filled With Tears For Me

  • I do not want to end my

    I Do Not Want To End My Life So How Can I Sit Here With This Knife I Hold It Here With No Fear Im Not Scared Of Dying Beacuse It Has To Be Better Than Crying Everyday Of My Life So As I Pull This Knife Across My Wrist I Start To Think Will […]

  • The choir of bamboo8217s blowing cool wind

    The Choir Of Bamboo’s Blowing The Cool Wind; The River Flowing With Melodic Tune; With These All Pleasant Me Laying On A Grassy Land; Waiting To Her She Came Like Hesperus Wearing Over Coat Lace With Open Hair Blowing By Air With Innocent Face And Sweet Smile Came Near And Nearer To Me Where I […]

  • God is on every one8217s side and

    God Is On Every One’s Side And Every One Is On God’s Side. Good Thing God’s Not Claustrophobic… Or That We Know He’s Around… It’s Getting Crowded…

  • Without you how can i live live

    Without You, How Can I Live, How Can I Live Without You, The Nights Seems As Long As Ages, The Days Seem As Long As Ages, You Come Back Again , You Come Back, My Heart Says Come Back, You Come Back, My Heart Says Come Back, Lonely I Feel Again, I Miss You Again, […]

  • Before i lay my head to sleep

    Before I Lay My Head To Sleep, I Pray An Interested Woman To Keep. A Woman With Backbone And Intelligence Plenty, With Kindness And Tact And A Voice Like Honey, One Who Truly Can Read My Thoughts, Meeting Me At The Door In Just Boxer Shorts, One Who Enjoys Raising Our Kids, But Willing To […]

  • Just too much stuff that is

    Just Too Much Stuff! ! ! That Is My First Thought, I’d Hoped To Find An Easier Way, The Boxes In First And Then The Blankets, Kitchen Plates, Cups And All The Spices, Every Piece Of Furniture Goes In Dad’s Car! ! ! Of Course The Bed Looks Great All Torn Apart! Four Children Of […]

  • When the good moments get gone and

    When The Good Moments Get Gone And So Many Tears Are Shed And All Of The Emotions Are Provoked It-‘s Better Shared Than Felt And When The Good Times Get Gone And No One Thought Of What Might Happen But It Doesn’t Actually Go Away It Emphasizes Strength In Humanity And When At The Last […]

  • Help me i8217m down to the ground

    Help Me, I’m Down To The Ground As The Lonely Woman Walks Round She Never Bothers To Stop As Her Bubble Gum Pops She Looks Through Me Like I’m Not Even There Injured And Alone I Need Her Care I’m In A Dream Not Knowing A Thing As I Hope To Put On The Gold […]

  • Sometimes when im alone i cry because

    Sometimes When I-‘m Alone I Cry Because I-‘m Lonely And On My Own The Tears I Cry Are Bitter And Warm They Flow With Life But Take No Form Of It I Cry Because My Heart Is Torn And I Find It Difficult To Carry On If I Had An Ear To Confide In I […]

  • You are upset about something i said

    You Are Upset About Something I Said? And The Way I Said It? And You Believe I Should Have Used More Tact? But It Is Okay For You To Say To Me, Anthing You Like? Even If It Attacks? I Did Not Attack You At All… Yet! And What I Said To You, I Have […]

  • How can i thank u my dear

    How Can I Thank U My Dear Friend? For Every Little Support, U Always Lent. You Taught Me The Meaning Of Real Frnd, Which In Life I Will Never Forget. I Dont Have Enuf Words To Express, Wat I Think Of U, Out Of The Rest. You R So Special To Me.. Even The Word […]

  • Is this the fruit of evolution global

    Is This The Fruit Of Evolution, This Global Warming And Pollution? Exterminate The Human Race! It’ll Make The World A Better Place! We’ve Had Enough Of Radiation And Nuclear Waste Contamination. Let Nature Once Again Hold Sway: Mankind Has Surely Had It’s Day

  • He placed some juicy worms of rhyme

    He Placed Some Juicy Worms Of Rhyme On Steel Hooks That Dangled From Poetic Lines, They Wriggled And Danced Most Playfully With The Promise Of A Satisfactory Tea. The Hungry Fish Came Near Quelling Doubts And Ignoring Fear And In An Instant, With A Click, Chewed That Worm And Bit The Dangled Hook Within. The […]

  • Being fatigued by your journey when youll

    Being Fatigued By Your Journey: When You-‘ll Reach The Mount Amrakoot, Midst Happy-Hearty Welcome By Him; Who-‘ll Offer You Top Seat On A Peak For, You Have Extinguished Wild-Fires So Often Mitigating By Cool-Drenching The Consequences Even, Lowly Ones Refuse Not A Friend, A Refuge Keeping In Mind, All Previous Enjoyed Favours Then, How Such […]

  • Oh life if the night steals my

    Oh! Life If The Night Steals My Sleep The Day Laughs At Me In Face. Out Of Place Every Where, Wandering I Go And The Cold Destination Is Approached Oh! Life, I Should Have Loved You-Â… Beautiful You Are, But Blind And Deaf To Your Calls I Had Been-Â… Now Your Back You Turn To […]

  • The restless ocean and bay of sand

    The Restless Ocean And The Bay Of Sand, Shaped As A Crescent Long As A Bow. The Sparkling Leaping Waves Now Sleep As I Glance Upon A Fast Approaching Shore, My Boat Grounding Upon A Familiar Land. Dawn Casts Her Light Upon A Scented Beach, Fields Of Ripening Corn With Swelling Ears, Her House Before […]

  • I was watching a flight of swans

    I Was Watching A Flight Of Swans In A Neat Row Over The Horizon. You Were Counting The Pebbles On The Beach. Sun Will Shortly Crease The Clouds, But First Let Us Decide For Our Starving Existence How Far Is Our Home? I Cannot Assemble The Broken Mirror, The Splinters Have Twisted Images. Somebody Knocks […]

  • I know youre gone but im so

    I Know You-‘re Gone-Â… But Im So Sorry I Can-‘t Move On.. You Were The Best One In My Life.. Without You..I-‘m Killed With Knives.. Forgeting You Is Something That Will Never Be Done.. For Me You Were Neccesary As The Sun.. When You-‘ve Gone Away.. You Really Ruined My Day..=(( I Was Being Killed..With […]

  • How could i have let you go

    How Could I Have Let You Go? Whilst I Still Burn A Candle A Silent Flame That Flickers So With Love Too Hot To Handle Too Long I’ve Walked In Shadows Alone And In The Dark A Broken Heart, A Wilted Rose In Loves Amusement Park But Now I See A Distant Light As Your […]

  • Once out on the water in clear

    Once, Out On The Water In The Clear, Early Nineteenth-Century Twilight, You Asked Time To Suspend Its Flight. If Wishes Could Beget More Than Sobs, That Would Be My Wish For You, My Darling, My Angel. But Other Principles Prevail In This Glum Haven, Don’t They? If That’s What It Is. Then The Wind Fell […]

  • When you set out on your journey

    When You Set Out On Your Journey Do Not Embark With A Heavy Heart. But Do Not Expect Your Voyage To Be Easy! Like Ulysses, You Will Meet Unknown Challenges, And May Often Face Death, Whether Your Ship Must Negotiate The Narrow Strait Between The Clashing Rocks, Or Pass Close By Charybdis, The Great Whirlpool. […]

  • When we talk each other as a

    When We Talk Each Other As A Subject And Object Not As A Brother And Sister That Is Poverty When There’s An Empty Space Between Us Could Only Be Stepped In By Your Permit And Requirements That Is Poverty When There’s A Tor You Decided On Man By Annoying The Value Of Him And Fact […]

  • A real friend is one who walk

    A Real Friend Is One Who Walk In When The Rest Of World Walks Out Friendship Is A Union Founded On Fine Ethics Strongly Bound Friendship Has Plently Of Scope For Sacrifice For Happieness And Rejoice And Its A Joy And Blessing To Have A Very Good Friend To Consult Confied And Depend With A […]

  • Really i want to fly towards sky

    Really I Want To Fly, Towards To Sky, To Touch To Clouds, To Touch To Heights, Like A Bird, While Flying, I Want To See, This Earth From The Sky, Really I Want To Fly, Really I Want To Fly.

  • Last night when merlin lay curled on

    Last Night, When Merlin Lay Curled On The Rug, Twitching Claws And Ears In Memory Of Some Sparrow, I Adjusted The Quilt, Sighed. Merlin Opened An Eye, Saw It Was Only Me, And Walked To Nibble On A Dish Of Mackeral…Then Lay By The Fire Too Softly, Ignoring The Windows Too Innocently. Each Dusk, I […]

  • Never say ur happy when sad fine

    Never Say Ur Happy When Ur Sad Never Say Ur Fine When Ur Not Ok Never Say U Feel Good When U Feel Bad & Never Say Ur Alone When I Am Still Alive

  • I8217m tired of this just enough luck

    I’m Tired Of This: Just Enough Luck To Plant One Kiss, And Then Gone. Step Up To Bat, Swing And Miss What Went Wrong? I’d Like To Know The Reason For What’s On My Plate Leaves Me Hungry For More I’d Like To Think I Could Settle The Score By Myself These Odds Won’t Help. […]

  • Is she insane who your one from

    Is She Insane? Who? Your One From Across The Road Who Folds Her Nickers In The Fridge To Cool Down. Does She? Wow! Tell Us More! Tell Us More! Is She Mad? Padded Mad, Horse-Hair Crazy, She Waters The Dog Every Night. But Her Dog Is Dead, Dead As Nietzsche, Or As God, But She […]

  • From the day i have seen you

    from the day i have seen you the world around me seems strange your thoughts occupy my mind my eyes cast a searching glance for you your thought makes me smile yet the fear of loosing you devastates me

  • Mono lisa is famous for her smile

    Mono Lisa Is Famous For Her Smile. She Is Neither Feminine Nor Masculine: A Product Being Androgynous. The Figure Is The Combination Of Egyptian God And Goddess Of Fertility: Arum And Isis. Hence, She Lacks Appeal To Either Sex.

  • It was midnight the cold at its

    It Was Midnight The Cold Was At Its Height I Was Walking Through A Lane The Time When I Passed By A Dane He Was The First Person To Meet Me That Night He Was Dressed Like Cops As If He Was Ready To Fight Those Were The Days Of The War He Was Alone […]

  • I see you and my heart skips

    I See You And My Heart Skips A Beat, I Hear Your Voice And I Feel Free, The Look In Your Eyes Are Penetrating, My Soul Is What You See, My Heart Yearns For Your Devotion, As My Love For You Has Grown, You Left, I Vowed Never To Care, But You Came Back And […]

  • How shall i really feel the first

    How Shall I Really Feel The First Time I Will Kneel Down Upon The Floor Before You Like Lowering Myself On A Church Pew How Shall I Really Feel When I Smell Your Sensual Appeal When You Lock Me Into Your Embrace That’s When My Heart Will Race How Shall I Really Feel When Its […]

  • When i can8217t see you feel lonley

    When I Can’t See You, I Feel Lonley And Scared. When Your Not Around I Feel Vunerable To Pain, Hurts Me When I Can’t See You, Hurts Me When I Can’t Hear Your Voice, If I Had The Choice, I Would Be With You Right Now, Holding You, Feeling Complete,Everything Would Be Right. I Love […]

  • I was so addicted to just the

    I Was So Addicted To Just The Thought Of You You Will Remember Me Because You Forgot To See You Should-‘ve Seen Just What We Could Be Right Up In Your Face You Could Almost Taste I Can-‘t Believe Were Threw But I-‘ll Remember You The One I Couldn-‘t Feel Whose Heart I Couldn-‘t Steal […]