The best thing to give

The Best Thing To Give. . . .

To Ur Enemy is Forgiveness..

To An Opponent Tolarance..

To a Friend Ur Heart..

To Ur Child A Good Example..

To A Father Difference..

To Ur Mother, Conduct That Will Make Her Proud Of You..

To UrSelf Respect..


To All Men Charity…/…

A wise man once sat in an

A Wise Man Once Sat In An Audience And Cracked A Joke ..

All Of Them Laughed Like Crazy ..

After A Moment He Cracked The Same Joke Again

& A Little Less People Laughed This Time ..

He Cracked The Same One Again & Very Few Laughed

This Time When Ther

e Was No Laughter In The Crowd

He Smiled And Said

”If U Cant Laugh At The Same Joke Again & Again

Then Why Do U Keep Crying Over The Same Thing

Over & Over Again”

Forget The Past And Move On……..

1us se mohbt kro jo tmse krta

1.Us se mohbt kro jo tmse mohbt krta he,

2. Hr aik se Aajzi se milo pata nhi k Khuda kis roop me mily,

3. moo se Hmsha Achy Alfaz hi nikalo, taa k Apny dushmn ko bi dost bana sko,

4. khamosh raho ya aisi Bat kaho jo khamoshi se behtr ho,

5. Neki krny se insan ki Umr barhti he,

6. jo zara si bat pr dost na raha wo Dost tha hi nhi,

7. jisey aise Dost ki Talash he jis me koi Khaami na ho, usy kbhi dost nhi mile ga.

Why is that a soldier dies

Why Is That

A Soldier Dies Happily


Why Do We Run To

…Help A Friend Even


Why Do We Feel Pleasure


Why r We Consoled Only

When We r Consoled By d

1 Who Made Us CRY

Why Do We Love Our Loved

1, Even When They HATE




Some DEFEATS r Sweeter

Than VICTORY. . !

LIFE z So Short To Realise

This JuzZz

FEEL It, LOVE It n LIVE It … …

We have two eyes and just one

We have two eyes and just one tongue, which means we need to look twice and talk once..

We have two ears and just one mouth, so we need to listen more te his laughing, You see his tears,

I see when he gives, You see what has been taken from him,

I see his appearance, You see the scars in his soul,

I expert,so we can think twice,but love only oNe..Isnt it amazng dat our body parts remind us hw 2 liv ryt?

Few important questions of life :

Few important questions of life :

WHY does a pizza delivery comes more quickly than an ambulance ?

WHY are there disabled parking spaces in front of an ice skating
arena ?

WHY do people order a double cheese bruger with large chips and
then a diet coke ?

WHY do we buy hot dog sausages in a pack of ten and the buns in
packs of 8 ?

WHY can‘t woman apply mascara with their mouth closed ?

WHY is the word “abbreviation“ so long ?

WHY do you have to use the START menue to shut down Windows ?

WHY does lemon juice contain flavourings but the detergent for
the dish washers is made of real lemon juice ?

WHY is cat food with mouse flavour not avaiable ?

WHY is there dog food with “improved taste“ ? Who tested that ??

WHY do you press the buttons of the TV remote control harder
when the batteries are weak ?

WHY do we wash our towels ? Dont we assume that they are clean
when we dry ourselfs with it after a shower ?

WHY do Kamikaze – pilots wear helmets ?

When people found out that cows give milk – what were they actually
searching for ?

When a word in the dictionary is spelled wrong – where do we know ?

WHY don‘t sheep shrink in the rain ?

WHY do institutions which are open 24h have locks on their doors ?

If any one can tell me, Y?

Ek admi ny buzurg sy kaha main

Ek Admi Ny Ek Buzurg Sy Kaha,


Buzurg Ny Farmaya,

” Ais Jumlay Mein Sy “MAIN” Nikaal Doo, Yeh Takabbur Ki Alaamat Hai….

“CHAHTA HON” Nikaal Doo, Yeh Kuhwaish-E-Nafs Ki Alamat Hai….

“SUKOON” Khud Tumharay Pass Chal Ke Aaye Ga. “…

Talk softly walk humbly eat sensibly breathe deeply sleep sufficiently dress smartly act fearlessly












1 min mangment course an eagle

1 min mangment course-

An eagle was resting high tree top,doing nthing

A small rabit asked can i also sit like u and do nthing?

Sure y not So rabit sat on the grund and rested

Suddenly a wolf came, grabbed and ate the rabit

Mgt Lesson-To b sitting and doing nothing,u must be sitting very very high up