Ek roz roshni k hazaar sitaray honge

Ek Roz Roshni k Hazaar Sitaray honge Or Apki Ankhon main Hasin Nazare honge Qayamat k Din jab Apka Mobile check kiya jaega To Sab se Ziyada Sms Hamare honge…

4 hardest tasks on earth r neither

4 hardest tasks on earth r neither physical nor intellectual feats but they r spiritual ones:

To return love for hate

To include the excluded

To forgive without apology

To be able to say I was wrong…

When we multiply tiny pieces of time

When We Multiply Tiny Pieces Of Time With Small Increments Of Daily Effort

We’ll Find,

We Can Accomplish Magnificent Things.

We Can Change The World … (:…

It is better to be hated

It Is Better To Be

Hated For What

You Are,

Rather Than

To Be

Loved For

What You Are Not . . . . . . .


1 yug tha jab log apne ghar k drwaje pe likhte the-atithi devo bhav
Phir likha-shubh laabh
Phir likha-u r welcome,aur ab-KUTTON SE SAVDHAN.

A crab was once running on the

A crab was once running on the seashore nd was admiring it’s own beautiful footprints








Suddenly a huge wave splashed nd washed away the footprints









The crab askd the wave:I considered u as one of my Best friends,then what made U do this?








The wave replied: A fisherman was following ur footprints,thats y i cleared it off







“Relationship means Caring beyond imagination”…

8206 t h o u g t

‎~*~ T h o u g h t

P r o v o k i n g ~*~

You Will Never

Reach Your


If You Stop


Throw Stones At

Every DOG That

BARKS … =] …

Think over it opinions are like

Think Over It

Opinions Are Like Wrist Watches.

Everyone’s Watch Shows Different Time.

But, Everyone Believes That Their Time Is Correct…..

Dont walk as if u rule the

Don’t walk as if u rule the world

Walk as if u don’t care who rules the world!

That’s called Attitude…!

Keep on rocking!…

A sincere devotee asked god i

A Sincere Devotee Asked God:

I Want Peace.

God Replied: Remove I That?s Ego,

Remove WANT That?s Desire,

Then PEACE Is Automatically Attained.

If you believe can probably can wont

If YoU bElIeVe YoU cAn, YoU pRoBaBlY cAn.

If YoU bElIeVe YoU wOn’t, YoU mOsT aSsUrEdLy WoN’t.

BeLiEf Is ThE iGnItIoN sWiTcH tHaT gEtS yOu OfF tHe LaUnChInG pAd…

The inventible truth everyone hurts

ThE iNvEnTiBlE

tRuTh . . .

EvErYoNe HuRtS yOu

SoOnEr Or LaTeR


YoU hAvE tO dEcIdE

wHaT iS mOrE iMpOrTaNt

ThE pAiN oR tHe PeRsOn …

Todayz thought never get so much

|….ToDaYz ThOuGhT….|

Never Get So Much Indulge In Others That U Lose Ur Own Identity..

Life Is To Know Ppl, Judge Them, Learn Good Extracts From Others..

But Don’t Let Them Rule Over U…

Remember No-One Cares For U…/

Develop an attitude 0f gratitude give thanks

^DeveLop An Attitude 0f Gratitude,& Give Thanks f0r everything That HappeNs To You, Knowing That Every Step ForwArd Is A Step Toward AchieVing Something Bigger Nd Better ThaN y0ur CurRent Situation^…

When v r angry can change decision

When V r Angry V Can Change Decision But Not Feelings

The Changed Decision May Give Satisfaction At That Time

But Later It Hurts Our Feeling A Lot…….

Fact of life by the time you

Fact of Life:

?By the time You realise what your parents said was right?

You will have a Kid who begins to think you are wrong!??.

Be nice to people on your

Be Nice To

People On Your

Way Up Because

You Will Need

Them On Your

Way Down.

( Wilson Mizner )…

Jis tarah bemar shaks laziz o pakiza

“Jis tarah Bemar Shaks laziz o Pakiza Ghizaon se Lazzat nae Utha sakta

Isi Tarah Dunya se Mohabbat krny wala Ibadt se Lazzat Nae Utha Sakta”

Have A Good dAy…

Nice words only for u

(Nice -words)

ONLY for

== U ==

-{ Jisko Tujh se

Sachi Mouhabbat

ho gi Wo Tujh

ko FAZOOL aur

NAJAIZ kamon

se Rokey ga”….

Kisi musanif ne kya khoob kaha hai

Kisi musanif ne kya khoob kaha hai..

Zara gor se perhna or samajhna..

"Tumhari marzi or khuda ki marzi k dermiyan faraq ka nam GHUM hai"….

Needing someone is like a parachute

NeEdInG sOmEoNe Is LiKe NeEdInG a PaRaChUtE …

If He IsN’t ThErE tHe FiRsT tImE yOu NeEd HiM, cHaNcEs ArE yOu WoN’t Be NeEdInG hIm AgAiN … (=

Think it 1ahmiat dukh ki nhi dene


1,Ahmiat dukh ki nhi dukh dene wale ki h0ti hy

2.khwab0n k ander zinda mat rh0 lykn apne ander khwab0n k0 zinda rkh0

3.hm kisik0 apni mrzi se chah t0 sakte hyn lykn ye nhi keh sakte k tm ? mjh se muhabat kr0

4.M0habat usse nhi ki jati j0 khubs0rat h0, khubs0rat w0 h0ta hy jis se m0habbat h0…

In life future is a

In Life

– – – –

Future Is A Question Paper,

Past Is a News Paper


Present Is An Answer Paper !!!

So . . . Read , Learn & Write Carefully….

Everyday sumone is born dies isnt

EveryDay SumOne Is Born

EveryDay SumOne Dies

Isn’t It Sad That There Isn’t Only One Day In This Entire World When EveryOne Is Happy?…

Born wid personality is an accident but

Born wid personality is an accident but dying as a personality is an achievement,

Ur birth may b normal,but ur death shud b history,

Like all, Trust few, But learn 4m every 1,

Practice like a devil and play like an Angel,

“Do or Die” is an old concept

“Do it before u Die”, Is a new one!

Some golden sentences zubaan ka ladkadaana

Some golden sentences.

zubaan ka ladkadaana paaho k ladkadaane se ziada katarnaak hai.

jise allah zaleel krna chahe wo dolat ki talaash me lag jata hai.

maut ye nahi k saans katam ho jae asal maut zameer ka marna hai……

The right way is not always the

~+”The Right Way Is Not Always The Popular And Easy Way, Standing For Right When It Is Unpopular Is A True Test Of Moral Character.”…

One of the best thoughts i

One of The besT ThoughTs..

I have ever come across pracTically :-

"There’s no markeT for your sorrows in This world,

so never adverTise Them….. ;->…

The wrong kind of people dislike u

The wrong kind of people dislike u for the good in u & the right kind of people like u knowing even the bad in u… That makes a good Relationship! …

I kip d telefone of my mind

I kip d telefone of my mind open to

Peace, Harmony, Health, Love & Abundance.

Then whenever

Doubt, Anxiety or Fear

Try to call, they will kip getting a busy signal n Soon they’ll forget my number … (:

~ DaRk TeMpTaTiOn ~…

Be a person like a cow which eats






Eats ‘GRASS’


Gives ‘MILK’














We spend our days waiting for the

We spend our days waiting for the ideal path to appear in front of us but what we forget is that, paths are made by walking, not by waiting!

U can close windows amp darken ur

U Can Close Windows & Darken Ur Room Or U Can Open Windows & Let Light In. It’s Matter Of Choice.

Ur Mind Is Ur Room.

Do U Darken It Or Fill iT Wid LighT.?…

Laugh ur heart out dance in d

Laugh Ur Heart Out

Dance In d Rain

Cherish d Memories

Ignore d Pain

Love n Learn

4get n 4give


Remember U’ve Only

1 Lyf To Live…

If you like someone show it it

If You like someone,

Show it.

It will be sweeter than Telling.


If You don’t like someone,

Just Tell it.

It will be less painful than Showing it ……

Sar jhukane se namazein ada nhi hoten

Sar jhukane se namazein Ada nhi hoten

Dil jhukana parta hy ibadat k liye

Ghalib ne es liye toor di tasbi

Kya gin k naam loon USKA jo Be-Hisab deta hy… …

Thought of life kon ye kehta

Thought of life:

Kon ye kehta hai Allah nazar nahi aata…



Sirf wohi tou naZar a’ata hai jab kuch naZar nahi a’ata… …

A beautful quotation if ur eyes

A Beautful Quotation:

If Ur Eyes R Positive

U Wud Like All the People In the World


If Ur Tongue Is Positve

All the People In the World Will Like U…

Simple funda of s u

Simple Funda Of

~ S U C C E S S ~

P r a t i c e

As If You r The

…W o r s t


P e r f o r m

As If You r The

B e s t … ! ! …

Life is like a pianothe white keys

Life is like a piano,the white keys represent happiness & black shows sadness but as y0u go through life’s journey,remember that the black keys too make music!…

Whatevr u give 2 lyf it gives

Whatevr U Give 2 Lyf

It Gives U Back

Dont Hate Anybody

d Hatred Whch Comes Out 4m U, Will Someday Come Back 2 U.

Luv Others


Luv Will Come Back 2 U…

We all have a b i













Anmol baatein 1 khamoshi gusse ka


1. KHAMOSHI gusse ka behtareen ilaaj hai.

2. SACCHAI ek aisa libaas hai jo kabhi maila nahi hota.

3. MA’AF KAR DENA badla lene se behtar hai……

If you want to enjoy always think

If You want to Enjoy Always think Today is the first day But If You want to Achieve something Always think today is the last day!…

If your eyez r positive u wud

*iF yOur eYez r pOsitiVe U wud liKe aLL thE pEopLe in thE wOrld,


If yOur tOngUe is pOsitiVe aLL da pEopLe in dA wOrLd wiL liKe U.. (-:…

Its more dangerous to weep inside

Its More Dangerous

To Weep Inside


…To Weep In Open…

The Open Tear Can

Easily Be Wiped Away


Secret Tear Create Internal

Scars …!…

The sun is shining suppose v

The sun is shining,


V cover our Eyes wid

d Palm of our Hand, d

Sun won’t b seen by Us,

…d Sun is 91 times

bigger thn d Earth,

But it can b hidden wid

d Palm of Our Hand..

Similarly d EGO is very

small but because V

magnify it in our daily

life beyond all proportion,

it has come & taken hold

of Us … …

In life all failure are to 2

In life all failure are to 2 reasons:

1) Actionless



2) Thoughtless


so take care of both,

Thoughts & Actions. . .

1 apne khiyalaat pr nazr rakhen alfaaz ban

1-Apne khiyalaat pr nazr rakhen

khiyalaat alfaaz ban jate hen

2-apne alfaaz pr nazr rakhen

alfaaz amaal ban jate hen

3-apne amaal pr nazr rakhen

amaal aadat ban jate hen

4-apni aadaat pr nazr rakhen

aadaat shakhsiyat ban jati hy

5-apni shakhsiyat pr nazar rakhen

shakhsiyat pehchaan ban jati hy…!…

Just 3 teps to nd ur tensions

Just 3 ?teps To ?nd Ur Tensions:


Control urself,

Look For Alternate ?olution &

Delete The ?ituation That ?aused Tension!

Quotif we all tried to make

"If We All Tried

To Make

Other People’s Paths Easy,

Our Own Feet Would Have

A Smooth Even Place

To Walk On …" (:->…

Beware of ego its a sword

Beware Of “EGO”

Its A Sword With

Two Edges …

…The OUTER Edge Cuts



The INNER Edge Cuts

Your PURITY … …

Apne gussay anger se bacho q k

“…APNE GUSSAY (ANGER) se bacho… Q K GUSSA himakat se shuru ho kar Nidamat aur Sharmindagi

par khatam hota hay…”…

Sometime in our life we play with

SomeTime in our Life we Play with LOVE.


When the Time comes and you Finally Realize that You want to get Serious,

Then LOVE Plays with Ur Life….

A simple way for happy living

A sIMpLe wAy fOr “HaPpY LivinG”…

FoRget tWo thiNgs iN Life…

1) The goOd yOu dId fOr otHers.

2) The bAd doNe By otHers tO yOu….

You dont become a better person

You Don’t Become A

Better Person

Because U Are Suffering;


You Become A

Better Person

Because U Have Experienced Suffering"….

Good thoughts kill the stress b4 kills

Good thoughts:

Kill the stress b4 stress kills u,

Reach the goal b4 goal kicks u,

Help every1 b4 some1 help u,

Live the LIFE b4 the LIFE leaves u….

Quot i trust youquot is better then

" I Trust You"

is better then

" I Love You "

because YOU may not always trust da person you LOve but you can always love da person you trust….

Each moment of ur life is a

Each moment of ur life is a picture which u had never seen before. And which ull never see again so enjoy & live life & make each moment beautiful…….

Life is like a cardiogram it always

Life Is Like A Cardiogram…

It Always Has Up & Down Graph.

If Its Steady, It Dies…

So Accept The Ups & Downs Positively…

G o O d

M o R n I n G (:->…