kuch anmol batain meri diary se

,*, Kuch Anmol Batain Meri Diary Se ,*,

1. Aalim Se Ek Ghantay Ki Guftgoo 10 Baras K Mutalla Se Behtar Hai

2. Tehreer Ek Khamosh Zuban Hai Aur Qalam Haath Ki Zuban

3. Jhoot Bol K Jeetnay Se Behtar Hai Such Bol K Haar Jao

4. Waqt Se Pehle Kabhi Iraday Ka Izhaar Na Karo

5. Shikayat Na Karna Bhi Sabr Me Shamil Hai,

6. Khamoshi Be-Faida Guftgoo Se Behtar Hai

7. Dunia Me Sab Se Mushkil Kaam Apni Islaah Hai Aur Sab Se Sehl Dusron Par Nukta Cheni Karna

8. Umda Cheez Ko Hasil Karna Koi Khoobi Nahi Balkay Usay Umda Tareeqay Se Istimal Karna Khoobi Hai

9. Khud Pasandi Sab Se Bari Tanhai Hai

10. Khamoshi Barh Jaye To Haibat Ban Jati Hai

11. Nakami Ka Khouf Hi Nakami Ka Aaghaz Hai

12. Dua Yun Maango K Har Shay KHUDA K Ikhtiyar Me Hai

13. Auron Ki Fikar Me Khud Ko Mat Bhool Jao,

14. Mayusi Mout Ka Dusra Naam Hai

15. Hamesha Naik Bannay Ki Koshish Karo Jis Tarah Haseen Bannay Ki Koshish Kartay Ho . . . /…

In walk of life dont worry

In Walk Of Life

Dont Worry Of Ppl Moving Ahead Of U . .

Take Ur Own Time,

But Once U R Ready To Run,

Make Sure U R The Best Of All . . . . . . . ["!"]

Quot n o t h i n

" N o t h i n g

I z

S o

S t r o n g

A z

G e n t l e n e s s

N o t h i n g

I z

S o

G e n t l e

A z

R e a l

S t r e n g t h "…

Ehsaanquot ki khoobsourti ehsaan na jatane me


ehsaan na jatane me he jis ne ehsaan jata dia us ne ehssan ki khoobsourti ko mita dia.


Momin ko zaleel karne ki koshish mt karo warna allah tmhin ghar bethe zaleel kar de g…

Two thoughts that decide your attitude

Two Thoughts that

decide your Attitude…

“What you Think of YOURSELF

When You Have NOTHING.”


“What You Think of OTHERS

When You Have EVERYTHING….”…

Wellwisher is not who meets u everyday

Wellwisher is not who meets U everyday & talk with U everyday. Wellwisher is 1 who may or may not meet U but always think of U & Ur happines…


Everyone may not be good buttheres

Everyone may not be good

But,there’s always something good in everyone.

Never judge anyone shortly,

Because Every Saint has a Past & every Sinner has a Future….

A good way to change someones attitudeis

A good way to change someone’s attitude,is to change your own because the same sun that melts SNOW also hardens CLAY. Life is as,as u think,so think beautiful!!…

Truest fact whn women love us

Truest Fact

Whn Women Love Us,

They 4give Us Evrything,

Even Our Crimes…


When They Dun Love Us,

They Blame Us For Evrythng

Which V Din’t Do Even … ;-> …

If u want to knw ur past

If U Want To Knw Ur Past. . .

Look Into Ur Present Conditions


If U Want To Knw Ur Future. . .

Look Into Ur Present Actions?/

LiFe Is No Where!!

Read This SLowLy


What Did U Read?

LiFe Is No Where!!


LiFe IS Now Here!!

Just BeautifuL Line To Say, ‘LiFe Depends On The Way We Look It’.

Giving someone all ur love is never

Giving SomeOne All Ur Love Is Never An Assurance Dat They’ll Luv U Back.

Don’t Expect Luv In Return

Just Wait For It To Grow In Thier Hearts

But If It Doesnt, B Content It Grew In Urs…/…

Jo log dard ko samjhty han woh

Jo Log Dard Ko Samjhty Han Woh Kbi Dard Ki Wajah nhi Banty,

Aur Jo Log Sachi Muhbat krty han,woh Dard Sehna Tu Janty han Per Drd Dena nhi Janty……

L i f e isnt something

“L i f e” isn’t something

You can “G o o g l e”

You have to Live

through It


…Learn in the process … :)…

Teen cheezain 3cheezain aik jaga parwarish


3cheezain aik jaga parwarish pati hain,

1. PHOOL, 2. Kanta, 3. Khusbu.

3 cheezain har aik ko milti hain,

1. Khushi, 2. Gham, 3. Mout.

3 cheezain har aik ki mukhtalif hoti hain,

1. Soorat, 2. Seerat, 3. Qismat.

3 cheezon ko kabhi chota na samjhen,

1. Qarz, 2. Farz, 3. Marz.

Life is an echo all comes back

Life Is An Echo…

All Comes Back, The Gud, The Bad, The False & The Truth. So Give The World Best U Have & The Best Will Come Back To U….

Todayz thought luv wud never b

==ToDaYz ThOuGhT==

LuV WuD NeVeR B a PrOmisE Of A RoSe GaRdEn UnLeSs It’S ShOwErEd WiD LiGhT Of FaItH, WaTeR Ov SiNcErIty & AiR Ov PaSs!oN…/…

1 mard ka imtihan aurat hai

1=> MARD Ka Imtihan Aurat Hai

2=> Sharam Mardon K liye Khoob Or aurton K Liye Khoob Tar Hai

3=> Dolat Ki Zyadati Nojwan Ki Tabahi Ka Zariya Hai

4=> Khamoshi ilm Ka Zevar Hai Or Jahil Ka Parda Hai

5=> Dunya Mai Log Bohat Zyada Mgr Insan Kam Hain..!!


A heart touching thought in the

..A HeArT ToUcHiNg ThOuGhT..

In The Silence Of Night I’ve Often Wished For Just A Few Words Of Love From A Person

Rathar Than The Applause Of Thousands Of Ppl….

The duck looks smooth and calm on

The Duck Looks Smooth And Calm On Top Of Water But Underneath There Is Restless Peddling?

Similarly In Life Nothing Worthwhile Comes Without Struggle

L i f e is like a

“L I F E

Is Like A

M I R R O R !

Just Because You

Break Or Ignore It …

Doesn’t Mean Your


Will Change …”…

3aachi baten 1kisi ki sharafat ko

3.Aachi Baten

1.Kisi ki sharafat ko uski buzdli na smjna..

2.Kisi ki sachai ko uski bewakoofi na samjna

3.Kisi ke khuloos ko kabhi time pas na samjhna….

Life gives answer in 3 ways it

Life gives answer in 3 ways… It says Yes & gives u what u want, it says no and gives u something better, it says wait and gives u the Best!…

Eventually tongue is the very softest part

Eventually tongue is the very softest part of our body

bt we people use the softest part for hard purposes

by saying such hard words to others even our fellow frnds and relatives

who cares for us.

“sorry” to “ourselves” only wht to say for others…

pearl of the day intizar

~*~ Pearl Of The Day ~*~

“Intizar Kerny Wal0n Ko Sirf

Utnaa Hii Milta Hy

Jitna Koshish Kerny Wale

…Chorh Dete Hyn …”

-Dr. Kalaam-

Don’t Wait Keep Trying …

agar kuch karna chahte ho

*<...KYA CHAHTE HO...>*






Dont say you dont have enough time

Don’t say

You don’t have enough time

You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to

Mother Teresa,

Michael Angelo,

Leonardo Da Vinci


Albert Einstein … :)…

Fact of life never get too

Fact Of Life

Never Get Too Attached To Anyone,

Bcoz Attachments Always

Lead To Expectation & Expectations

Always Lead To Disapointmnts!!…

if someone points out your mistake

~ If someone points out your Mistake; Be Happy That Atleast soneone is there, Who is Interested in your betterment..! ~

Good Morning..!…

Truth you may forget the

Truth …

You May Forget

The One With Whom You Have Laughed


Never The One With Whom You Have Wept ……

The real art of conversation iz nt

The Real Art Of Conversation Iz Nt Only To Say The Right Thing At The Right Place Bt To Leave Unsaid The Wrong Thing At The Tempting Moment.. …

todayzzz thought quotwheneva u

|… ToDaY’zZz ThOuGht …|

"wHeNeVa U r AsKeD.. If U CaN Do A JoB..

TeLl’em, ”CeRtAiNeLy I CaN” ..


GeT BuSy & FiNd OuT HoW To Do It.."…

Dont try to have friends who can

Dont try to have friends who can achieve great heights.

Have a friend who can hold whn u fall frm d greatest height.

"A loyal frnd is better than a royal frnd"…

One who takes lessons from the events

“One who takes lessons from the events of life, gets vision, one who acquires vision becomes wise and one who attains wisdom achieves knowledge”

Go0d M0rning…

Try understndin diz msg dn u

Try Understndin Diz Msg,

Dn U Cn Reach Any Height In Ua Lyf

?An Inch Of Time Is An Inch Of Gold,

Bt U Cnt Buy Dt Inch Of Time Wd Any Inch Of Gold..

I knw wat my 10th step wil

I kNw wat mY 10tH StEp wiL BE b4 I TaKE mY fIrSt. It’s MorE AB0ut uS!Ng y0uR BRa!Ns thaN Be!Ng aWArE.

IF u dN’t uSe uR BAsIc iNteLLIgEnCe,

y0u eNd uP LiSteNiNg t0 10,000 idoitS aR0uNd y0u. . .:->

If you love two people choose

If you Love Two People,

Choose the Second Person..


if y0u Really Loved The First One,

y0u w0udn’t Fall

For The Second One….!!! …

Logo k khayl me open or close

Logo k khayl me OPEN or CLOSE ek dosre k oposite words hein.


Aap usi sy OPEN hote hain jis se sbsey

zyda CLOSE hon.

Think Difference….

Treasure every moment that uve

Treasure Every Moment That U’ve. . .

YesterDay Is A History. . .

Tommorow Is A Mystry. . .

Today Is A Gift…

That’s Why It’s Called PRESENT.. :->

Value of a woman this couldnt be


This couldn’t be said more beautifully…

Be careful not to make a girl cry, because counts her Tears.

WOMAN came out of a Man’s Rib.

Not from his feet to be walked on, nor from his head to be superior over, but from his side to be equal.

Under the arm to be Protected, and next to the Heart to be Loved. . ….

The fact public have

The Fact . . . !!!

The Public Have An Insatiable Curiosity?

To Know Everything?


What iS Worth Knowing? ;-&gt;

T h e b s t t

“T h e

B e s t

T i m e

T o

D o

S o m e t h i n g

S i g n i f i c a nt

I s

B e t w e e n

Y e s t e r d a y

A n d

T o m m o r o w …”

U can never change d past nor

U Can Never

Change D Past



D Future,

Bt U Can Change

D Mood Of D Day

By Touching Som1s Heart

Wid Ur Smile…

What a strange narrowness of mind

What A Strange

Narrowness Of Mind

Now Is That

To Think The Things

We Have Not Known

Are Better Than

The Things We Have

Known …. !!! …

aqalmand ki pehchan yeh hai k wo

:-)AQaLmAnD:-) ki PehChaN YeH hai k wo ird-gird Aise LOGON ko jama kar leta hai jo KHUSHAMDI na hon or jo use GHALTION par tokte Rahe…

R e m b always be


“…Always be Good with

the Good


never be bad with the



you can’t wash blood with blood…”



** Kabhi ‘ Zindagi mai kisi k liye mat ‘ RONA ‘
q k wo tumhare ‘ ANSUON ‘ k QABIL Nahi hoga,
or ‘ WO ‘ jo is ‘ QABIL ‘
hoga, Wo tumhe ‘ RONAY ‘ nahi dega… :-)..

Mere dil mein bhi jari tera nagma kerday

Ye jo bigri mere halat hai,mein nay bigari hai magar
jaisa tu chata hai ab mujhay waisa kerday
Mere her faislay mein tere raza shamil ho
jo tera hukam ho voh mera irada kerday
Zaya honay say bacha lay mere Mabod mujhay
ye na ho k gunah mujhay khail tamasha kerday
Mein musafir hon so rastay dikhaye daitay hai mujhay
tere rah ko mere manzil mera rasta kerday
Mere awaz tu tere hamd say labraiz hai lakin
mere dil mein bhi jari tera nagma kerday

Its easy to have faith in yourself

Its Easy To Have Faith In Yourself When You’re A Winner

What You’ve Got To Have Is Faith And Discipline When You’re Not Yet A Winner …… !!…

A very deep thought worst enemy


Worst Enemy To A Girl Will Be A Girl..

But D Best Friend To A Boy Vll Always Be A Girl.

Great Contrast But Very True:) …

Some ppl seem to walk through lyf

Some ppl seem to walk through lyf wid a simple word & a gentle smile for everyone & everywhere they go, they alwayz leave warmth n love

U r one of those Ppl (=…

Sometimes s p e c i


“S p e c i a l

P e o p l e”

Come In Your

L i f e

…Only To

T e a c h


How To Live

A l 0 n e

Without ‘THEM’

Sad But True … :-/ …