We came with the fear of not

We Came With The Fear Of Not Knowing Anybody?

But in The End?

We Go With Tears Knowing Everybody?

And Thats Called:

? LIFE? . . . |?!’|

Smile a while while you

Smile a while


While you Smile

Another Smile,

Soon there’s miles & miles

…Of Smiles,


Life’s worthwhile


YOU Smiled … ^.^…

Two golden thoughts 1 dont

Two Golden Thoughts :

1) Don’t Aim To Be A Slave In Heaven, Aim To Be The King Of Hell.

2) Ur Birth Maybe Common, But Death Should Be A History…

Quoterasers are for the people who make

"Erasers Are For The People Who Make Errors",

Is An Old Saying,

But A Better Saying Is,

"Erasers Are For People Who Are Willing To Correct Their Mistakes"…

We must believe in luck

We Must Believe In Luck …


How Else Can We

Explain …

‘The Success Of Those We Do Not Like… !!’ =P ;->

. (Helen Keller)

Although the world is full of Suffering,
it is also full of the overcoming of it. (Helen Keller)

you respect is not in words

~*~ You Respect

Is Not In Words

Spoken To You In Your Presence,


Words Spoken For You In Your Absence ~*~…

People who hates me are just

People who hates me

are just the confused


They can’t figure out the

reason why everyone

…loves Me… (-,=)

A t T i T u D e

P e R s O n I f I e D …

In your life,

In your life, problems may start from Haywards 2000 or Haywards
5000, but you must take it as a Royal Challange. Otherwise people
will call you Old Monk & stick a Black Label on you. But you must
fight like Nepoleon, live like Bagpiper, walk like Johny Walker,
work till 8 PM & think like Directors Special, then your life will
be Imperial Blue. If you do all the things, you’ll be an Aristrocrat
& there will be good value for your Signature’s.!

Zindagi kya hai 1 zindagi aik tohfa

Zindagi kya hai?

1-Zindagi aik tohfa hai

2-Zindagi bahaar hai

3-zindagi aik phool hai

4-zindagi aik tamasha hai

5-zindagi aik raz hai

6-zindagi amanat hai…

1 mard ka imtihan aurat hai

1=> MARD Ka Imtihan Aurat Hai

2=> Sharam Mardon K liye Khoob Or aurton K Liye Khoob Tar Hai

3=> Dolat Ki Zyadati Nojwan Ki Tabahi Ka Zariya Hai

4=> Khamoshi ilm Ka Zevar Hai Or Jahil Ka Parda Hai

5=> Dunya Mai Log Bohat Zyada Mgr Insan Kam Hain..!!


All that is necessary

All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in this world
is for enough good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

8206 t h o u g

‎~ T h O u G h T

p R o V o K i N g

“Whoever Said


…VIRTUE .. !






Never Experienced


A fantastic quote 4 life satisfy

A fantastic Quote 4 Life:

Satisfy the person who expect from YoU ..

Rather than surprising the person who never expected anything from YoU !…

L i n e s to

L i n e s


R e m e m b e r

“Although The Tongue

…Weights Very Little,


Very Few People Are Able

To Hold It …” …

Achi zindagi or mout k lea 7

Achi zindagi or Achi Mout k lea 7 azeem naikiyan

1. Hr kam se pehle Bismillah perhna

2. Hr kam se fragat k bad Alhmdulilah kehna

3. Galat kam ho jany pr Astagfirulah perhna

4. Ainda k lea kisi kam ka irada kare to Insha-Allah kehna

5. Nagawar bat pr Lahaoul prhna

6. Kisi bhi taklef pe

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Elaihi Rajion Perhna

7. Hr waqt kalma tayyaba ka wird karna (dil mai ya zuban se)…

Teach a man and you have taught

Teach a man and you have taught only one,

but teach a woman and you have taught a family?

So very well said. The whole truth of universe just tied in few words . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ;->

Never walk away from sincere friends

Never walk away from sincere friends..

When u see some faults, be patient and realize that nobody is perfect..

It’s affection that matters, not perfection…

E r o s are like


Are Like Strawz Upon

The Surface Flow

One Who Is In Search Of


Must Dive Below ……

wors r spoken oonly

wors r spoken oonly but we dnt know the value of words.they can
heal or broken the hearts very easily.But in reality we only spoke
theese words not 4 brokn the haerts but they may weak a person very

1khud se na laro tuot jao gy

1=Khud se na laro tuot jao gy.

2=Apny andar ROG na paalo,is dunya me aap aik he to ha.

3=Agr ap ko koi yad nahe karta to koi bat nahe,asal ye ha k wo ap ko framosh na kary.

4=Hr ch’hor k jany wala BeWafa nahe hota or Hr sath rehny wala aap ka apna nahe hota.

5=Hr Amal Bekar ha jab tak us me MAHABBAT na ho….




todayzzz thought in

|. . . ToDaYzZz ThOuGhT. . .|

In Matters Of Style. . . Swim Wid The Current…

While In Matters Of Principles. . . Always Stand Like A Rock..

Quote people who are often in a

QUOTE: People who are often in a hurry imagine they are energetic, when in most cases they are simply inefficient. (Sydney J. Harris)…

1 tree can make 10000 matchsticks but

1 Tree can make 10000 maTchsTicks BuT 1 maTchsTick can burn 10000 Trees!

So,Never under-esTimaTe small Things in life.iT may have potential 2 burn ur Life.

Never blame a day in ur life

Never Blame A Day In Ur Life

Gud Days Gives Happiness

Bad Days Give U Experience

Both Are Essential In Life

All Are God Blessing

Learn to express rather than impress

Learn To Express Rather Than Impress

Expressing Evokes A “Me Too” Attitude


Impressing Evokes A “So What” Attitude

Feel d Difference

Any degree of shaterring battering tattering

Any Degree Of

Shaterring, Battering, Tattering Will Nullify My Spirit … ?

I’m Like

Those Cartoon Figures

Th8 Being Kneaded Flat

By Passing Trucks


Plump Up Again .. ! (:

Do not make your aim like the

Do not make your aim like the garden

Because everyone walk on it.


make your aim like the sky

So everyone wish to touch it.

May GOD bless u alwayz….

Nice sms aasmaan par urty howy

Nice sms

Aasmaan par urty howy prindy sy main ny pocha,

kya tumhy Zameen pr girny ka darr nahi..??

us ny muskura kr jawab diya,

main Insaan nahi jo zara si bulandi pr akarr jaon…

main chahy kitni bulandi pr chala jaon…

nazrain meri zameen pr hi hoti hain.

!!_gOOd mOrNiNg_!!…

Time is a rare luxury which can

?TIME? is a rare luxury which can never be purchased at any cost. So when someone spends it for u, it defines the depth of care they have for U.! =)…

Life is an island in the ocean

Life Is An Island In the Ocean Of Loneliness, An Island Whose Rocks R Hope, Whose Trees Are Dream, Whose Flowers Are Solititude & Whose Brooks r Thrist…/…

Insaan zindagi bhar ye 2 chehray kabhi

Insaan zindagi bhar ye 2 chehray kabhi nahi bhoolta…

Ek wo

‘jo insan k mushkil tareen halaat mn sath de,

Dosra wo

jo aisey halaat mn sath chor jaye..:-(…

The 7 ups of life 1

The 7 Ups Of LIFE!

1. Wake Up . . .

Decide To Have A Gud Day. "This Is The Day We Have, Let’s Rejoice & Be Glad In It".

2. Dress Up . . .

The Best Way To Dress Up Is To Put On A Smile. A Smile Is An Inexpensive Way To Improve Ur Looks.

3. Shut Up . . .

Say Nice Things & Learn To Listen

God Gave Us 2 Ears & 1 Mouth

So He Must’ve Meant For Us To Do Twice As Much Listen As Talking.

4. Stand Up . . .

For What U Beleive In. Stand For SumThing Or U’ll Fall For AnyThing .

5. Look Up . . .


I Can Do EveryThing Through ALLAH Who Strengthes Me.

6. Reach Up . . .

For SumThing Higher.

Hve Trust & Wid All Ur Heart.

7. Lift Up. . .

Ur Prayers

Don’t Worry About AnyThing, Instead Pray About EveryThing…/…

An interesting quote in patrol bunk

An Interesting Quote


“SPEED” Is A Five

Letter Word



“SLOW” Is A Four

Letter Word


So Is “LIFE” .. 🙂 …

F a c t s in

~F a c t s~

In Life V ‘Hide’


V Wanna B ‘Missed’

V Go ‘Al0ne’ To See

Who ‘Foll0ws’

V Get ‘Angry’ To See

Who ‘Ap0logises’

V Let 0ur Hearts

Be Broken Just To See

Who ‘Comes’ n ‘Fixes’

V Sit ‘Al0ne’ To See

Who Gives Us ‘C0mpany’

V ‘Walk Away’ To See

Who ‘Calls’ Us Back …

Life Is Always Bit

KrazZzY … 🙂 …

2dayz thought there is a magnet

2DaYz ThOuGhT

There is a magnet in

Your Heart

That will attract

…True Friends.

That magnet is


Thinking of others first…

When You learn to Live

for Others, They will Live

for You!!! …

Burning woods gave a person promises of

Burning Woods Gave A Person Promises Of Luv, Happiness & Care 4ever


Burning Woods Gave Another Person Broken Dreams Of Luv, Grief & Uncertainity Of Life =(…

Jism ek dukan hy aur zuban us


Ek dukan hy,



Us ka taala,

Taala khulta hy


Maloom hota hy



Soney ki hy


Koyaley ki…

The real art of conversation iz nt

The Real Art Of Conversation Iz Nt Only To Say The Right Thing At The Right Place Bt To Leave Unsaid The Wrong Thing At The Tempting Moment.. …

Shakayat mat kar 1 apni kismat ki


1: apni kismat ki.

2: ulad k samne apne baron ki.

3: apna zati makan hote hoe makan ki tangi ki.

4: bhool kar b apne man bap or ustad ki.

5: gair k samne apne dost ki.

6: biwi k samne us k ghar walon ki.

7: rukhsat karne k bad apne mehman ki.


1: irshad khuda wandi or hukam rabani se kinara kashi.

2: sunte nabwi se atraz.

3: kisi par zulam.

4: haq bat se inkar.

5: bagair etimad k kisi bharosa.

6: bgair mashware se koi kam.

7: kisi par nukta chini.

8: rishta daro se kata taluqi.

9: hajat mand rishta daron ko na umeed.

10: peet piche kisi ki burai….

You cannot finish the book of life

You Cannot Finish The Book Of Life

Without Closing It’s Chapters

If You Want To Gon On …


You Have To Leave The Past As You Turn The Pages … …

Success is like tip of the tail

Success is like tip of the tail !!!If cat runs to catch the tail.It has to keep running forever.But if it walks in its own style.Tail follows!!Live life with ur own rules…. …

Be nice to everyone

Be nice to everyone on your way to the top
because you pass them all on the way down.(Fred A. Hufnagel Sr.)

Ur aim in life shud b 54321

Ur aim in life shud b 54321


I mean

5- Five digit salary

4- Four wheeler vehicle

3-Three room flat

2-Two cute children


1- One sweetheart -:)…

O lord dont make me among the


Dont make me among the talented ones but make me among the blessed ones.

Because I have seen many talented ones serving the blessed ones. …

When we do a task weve to

When we do a task, we’ve to cross 3 stages.



3.Accep tance.

Fools stop at the 1st

Losers stop at the 2nd

Winners cross the 3rd….

Best reason for our failure we

Best Reason For

Our Failure

We Are Expecting ORANGES

By Standing Under MANGO



We Should Change

Either Our Expectation

Or Tree …

Its gud 2 dream but better dream

It’s Gud 2 Dream, But It’s Better 2 Dream & Work

Faith Is Mighty, But Action Wid Faith Is Mightier

Desiring Is Helpful, But Work & Desire r Invincible…/…

If a statue in the park of

If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle; if the horse has one front leg in the air, the person died as a result of wounds received in battle; if the horse has all four legs on the ground, the person died of natural causes. …

If your success is not on own

If Your Success Is Not On Your Own Terms, If It Looks Good To The World


Does Not Feel Good In Your Heart, It Is Not Success At All ……

What is the best part of life

What is the best part of life ?

"When your family understands you as a friend & your friends support you as your family….