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Kabhi socha hai hamne 60kg attay

kabhI socha hai Hamne? 60kg Attay ki Bori Jo Utha sakta hai Vo kharid nahi sakta … aur Jo Kharid sakta hai Vo Utha

A few goldn thoughts 1ampgt t hnd3

A FEW GOLDN THOUGHTS~~~~ 1> T? h?nd?3 ur s3?f u$3 ur h3?d, 2 hnd?3 ?th3r$ u$3 ur h3?rt. 2> Dnt ???$3 h3?d i? $ucce$$

Xpecting d world to treat u fairly

Xpecting d World to Treat u Fairly coz U r a Gud Person Is like Xpecting d Lion not to Attack u coz u

The audience see a joker as a

The Audience see a Joker As A Joker, But the Joker Sees Himslf As a Performer. No Matter What Others Think abt U, Its

Qeemati alfaz 1 jo log khudgharz

“QEEMATI ALFAZ” 1/ Jo log khudgharz hotay hen wo kabhi achay dost nahi hotay ! 2/ Jo shakhs apnay khuloos ki qasmen khud khaey

Harsh reality ampamp920f life everyone is

Harsh Reality Θf Life! EveryOne Is Good To U. Till U Expect Nothing From Them.. & U R Too Good To Them Only Till

L i f e s n

L i F E i s N t F i N D I N G y O U r S L f . .

True fact people dont change

“T^r^u^e F^a^c^t ” People Don’t CHANGE When You Tell Them A Better OPTION, But They CHANGE When There Is No OPTION…!!…

life funda love what youve

| LiFe FuNdA | Love…… what you’ve got, Remember……. what you had, Learn from….. your mistakes, But Never regret, People change, Things go wrong,

Even a big pot full of water

Even a Big Pot Full Of Water Can Be Emptied By A Small Hole. So A Little Anger Or Ego Can Burn Up All

Keep away from ppl who try 2

Keep Away From Ppl Who Try 2 Belittle Ur Ambitions. Small Ppl Always Do That, But The Really Great Make U Feel That U

We are what our thought have made

We Are What Our Thought Have Made Us So Take Care About What You Think Words Are Secondary. Thoughts Live, They Travel Far… !!…

beautiful quote paighambaron ki baat

” Beautiful Quote ” Paighambaron Ki Baat, BaatoN Ki Paighambar Hoti Hai….

Quotalways compare ur present wid past

"Always Compare Ur Present wid Ur Past. . . It’ll Show U Ur Actual Progress And U’ll Find UrSelf Better Than Yesterday.."…

Dont let someone become a priority in

Don’t LeT Someone Become a prioriTy in your life, when You are jusT an opTion in Their life. RelaTionships work besT when They are

We always feel bad amp think that

We Always Feel Bad & Think That Good Things Happen Only To Others But V Forget That V R Others For SomeOne Else…/…

Quotits better to lose ur prde wid

"It’S BeTtEr To LoSe Ur Pr!dE WiD SoMe0nE U LoVe rAtHeR ThAn To LoSe ThAt SoMe0nE U LoVe WiTh Ur UsElEsS Pr!dE…"…

Dont define ur failure by looking at

Dont Define Ur Failure By Looking At SomeBody’s Success.. & Don’t Define Ur Success By Looking At SomeBody’s Failure.. Set Ur Own Targets EvryDay

We take everything for granted

We Take Everything For Granted, – A Constantly Worried Mom, – A Strict Dad, – Annoying Brother, – Rude Sis, – Chipku Friend, –

Quotgolden tipsquot paon beshak phisal jayelekin

"GOLDEN TIP’s" Paon Beshak Phisal Jaye,Lekin Zaban Ko Na Phisalne 2. Aj Amal Hy,Hisab Nai,Lekin Kal Hisab Hoga,Amal Nai. Jhoot Bol K Jet Jane

Strength of character means the

Strength of character means… – The ability to overcome resentment against other… – To hide hurt feelings… And – To forgive quickly … :>)

I recommend you take care

I ReCoMmEnD YoU … Take Care Of The M I N U T E S And The H O U R S Will Take

Common sense is common but the

Common Sense Is Common, But… The Use Of Common Sense Is Uncommon !!!! …

todayzzz thought thousands of candles can

|— ToDaYzZz ThOuGhT —| Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,and the life of the candle will not be shortened. .

We came with the fear of not

We Came With The Fear Of Not Knowing Anybody? But in The End? We Go With Tears Knowing Everybody? And Thats Called: ? LIFE?

Smile a while while you

Smile a while & While you Smile Another Smile, Soon there’s miles & miles …Of Smiles, & Life’s worthwhile Because YOU Smiled … ^.^…

Sunehri baat dil aik aaina hai

**Sunehri** **Baat** Dil aik AAINA hai Agar wo BURAE se Pak ho to ISS me KHUDA bhi nazar aata hai…!!!…

A wise man once sat in an

A Wise Man Once Sat In An Audience And Cracked A Joke .. All Of Them Laughed Like Crazy .. After A Moment He

Two golden thoughts 1 dont

Two Golden Thoughts : 1) Don’t Aim To Be A Slave In Heaven, Aim To Be The King Of Hell. 2) Ur Birth Maybe

Mohabbat wo barish hai jise choney ki

Mohabbat Wo Barish Hai.. Jise ChoneY Ki Khwahish Mai.. Hatheliyan To Geeli Ho Jati Hyn.. Mgr Haath Khali Rehte Hyn…/…

Quoterasers are for the people who make

"Erasers Are For The People Who Make Errors", Is An Old Saying, But A Better Saying Is, "Erasers Are For People Who Are Willing

We must believe in luck

We Must Believe In Luck … For How Else Can We Explain … ‘The Success Of Those We Do Not Like… !!’ =P ;->

. (Helen Keller)

Although the world is full of Suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it. (Helen Keller)

you respect is not in words

~*~ You Respect Is Not In Words Spoken To You In Your Presence, But Words Spoken For You In Your Absence ~*~…

People who hates me are just

People who hates me are just the confused admirers… They can’t figure out the reason why everyone …loves Me… (-,=) A t T i

In your life,

In your life, problems may start from Haywards 2000 or Haywards 5000, but you must take it as a Royal Challange. Otherwise people will

Zindagi kya hai 1 zindagi aik tohfa

Zindagi kya hai? 1-Zindagi aik tohfa hai 2-Zindagi bahaar hai 3-zindagi aik phool hai 4-zindagi aik tamasha hai 5-zindagi aik raz hai 6-zindagi amanat

Bills travel through the mail at

Bills Travel Through The Mail At Twice The Speed Of Checks Be Careful Of Your Thoughts, They May Become Words At Any Moment…

The best thing to give

The Best Thing To Give. . . . To Ur Enemy is Forgiveness.. To An Opponent Tolarance.. To a Friend Ur Heart.. To Ur

It takes less time to do things

It Takes Less Time To Do Things Right Than To Explain Why You Did It Wrong. Gud Afternoon…

Remember that manage in good conditions

Remember That!!! Manage In Good Conditions Is a “Part Of LIFE” But Manage In Bad Conditions Is “Art Of LIFE”…

1 mard ka imtihan aurat hai

1=> MARD Ka Imtihan Aurat Hai 2=> Sharam Mardon K liye Khoob Or aurton K Liye Khoob Tar Hai 3=> Dolat Ki Zyadati Nojwan

Dream makes all things possiblehopes worklove above

DREAM makes all things possible.HOPES makes all things work.LOVE makes all above possbile so ALWAYS SMILE!……

All that is necessary

All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in this world is for enough good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

Our prime purpose in dix life is

OuR pRiMe PuRpOsE iN dIx LiFe Is To HeLp OtHeR… AnD If YoU cAn’T hElP tHeM, AtLeAsT DoN’t HuRt ThEm… HaVe Gr8 dAy (:…

8206 t h o u g

‎~ T h O u G h T p R o V o K i N g “Whoever Said PATIENCE IS A …VIRTUE ..

A fantastic quote 4 life satisfy

A fantastic Quote 4 Life: Satisfy the person who expect from YoU .. Rather than surprising the person who never expected anything from YoU

L i n e s to

L i n e s To R e m e m b e r “Although The Tongue …Weights Very Little, But Very Few People

Your true character is most accurately measured

Your True Character is Most Accurately Measured by How You Treat Those Who can Do Nothing For You tXt _/”_K죣

The problem with guys they make

The Problem With Guys: They Make You Believe They Love When They Don’t The Problem With Girls: They Make You Believe They Don’t Love

Soft speech clean heart peaceful eyes focused

Soft Speech, Clean Heart, Peaceful Eyes, Focused Mind, Faith On ALLAH & Determined Decision Always Makes You Winner… …

The person who says it cannot be

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”Chinese Proverb”…

Achi zindagi or mout k lea 7

Achi zindagi or Achi Mout k lea 7 azeem naikiyan 1. Hr kam se pehle Bismillah perhna 2. Hr kam se fragat k bad

Teach a man and you have taught

Teach a man and you have taught only one, but teach a woman and you have taught a family? So very well said. The

We find comfort among those who

We FiNd CoMfOrT AmOnG tHoSe WhO aGrEe WiTh Us … GrOwTh AmOnG tHoSe WhO dOn’T … "…

Never walk away from sincere friends

Never walk away from sincere friends.. When u see some faults, be patient and realize that nobody is perfect.. It’s affection that matters, not

E r o s are like

E R R O R S Are Like Strawz Upon The Surface Flow One Who Is In Search Of T R U T H

We always work for making better tomorow

We always work for making better tomorow When tomorow comes Instead of enjoying we again start thinking for better tomorow “tomorrow never comes” (Shakespear)…

If you do not have a girl

If you do NOT have a Girl Friend – you are missing SOME Thing in your life. If you HAVE a Girl Friend –

Kam khana kam bolna aur sona

“…Kam Khana, Kam Bolna aur Kam Sona, zindagi k Behtareen Asool hain…”…

Life is a book we all read

Life is a BOOK We all read it, Love is BLESSING we all need it, Always be HAPPY, Always have a SMILE, Remember in

Best thought ever heard tongue has

Best Thought Ever Heard Tongue Has No Bones But It Hurts Many Hearts So Think Before You Speak…

wors r spoken oonly

wors r spoken oonly but we dnt know the value of words.they can heal or broken the hearts very easily.But in reality we only

1khud se na laro tuot jao gy

1=Khud se na laro tuot jao gy. 2=Apny andar ROG na paalo,is dunya me aap aik he to ha. 3=Agr ap ko koi yad

Aaj ka thought if u

Aaj Ka ThoughT ;-> If u want to gain knowledge, add something everyday 2 ur mind. But if u want to gain wisdom, remove

Insan ki tamam pareshanian 2 wajohat waja

Insan ki Tamam Pareshan’ian 2 Wajohat ki Waja ?e Hain… 1. Taqdeer ?e Zayada ?hahta Hai… 2. Aur Waqt ?e Pehlay ?hahta Hai……



Pay no mind to th0se wh0 talk

PAy nO MiNd to th0sE Wh0 tAlK BeHinD YOuR BAck, It sImPLy MeaNz that Y0u ARe tWo stEpS aHeAd…

todayzzz thought in

|. . . ToDaYzZz ThOuGhT. . .| In Matters Of Style. . . Swim Wid The Current… While In Matters Of Principles. . .

Quote people who are often in a

QUOTE: People who are often in a hurry imagine they are energetic, when in most cases they are simply inefficient. (Sydney J. Harris)…

1 tree can make 10000 matchsticks but

1 Tree can make 10000 maTchsTicks BuT 1 maTchsTick can burn 10000 Trees! So,Never under-esTimaTe small Things in life.iT may have potential 2 burn

Never blame a day in ur life

Never Blame A Day In Ur Life Gud Days Gives Happiness Bad Days Give U Experience Both Are Essential In Life All Are God

Quotdo three things in lifequot drink

"Do three things in life." Drink, Steal n Lie… Drink from the fountain of Knowledge, Steal away from Bad company, Lie on the bed

Learn to express rather than impress

Learn To Express Rather Than Impress Expressing Evokes A “Me Too” Attitude While Impressing Evokes A “So What” Attitude Feel d Difference …

Any degree of shaterring battering tattering

Any Degree Of Shaterring, Battering, Tattering Will Nullify My Spirit … ? I’m Like Those Cartoon Figures Th8 Being Kneaded Flat By Passing Trucks

Sunehri baat hakeer se pesha


Dont think how many moments in your

Dont think how many moments in your life, just think how much life is there in a moment….

Tumhri ankh mai nafrat h0

TUmHrI ANkh mAi nAfRat H0 , DOsRoN K LIyE, TM APni zAt sE ITnA b PyR mAT KrNa, …

Apni marzi aur allah ki k darimyaan

Apni marzi aur Allah ki marzi k darimyaan farak ka naam Ghum hai. Preshaani haalat se nahi khyalaat se paida hoti hai …

Diamond cant b polish widout friction gold

DiamonD Cant B Polish WidouT FricTion. Gold CanT B Purified WidouT Fire. Good Ppl Go Through Trials BuT ThT Experience Make Their Lyf BeTTer

Karte hain log maal jama kiss liye

Karte hain Log maal jama kiss liye yahaan silta hai Aadmi ka Kafan jaib ke Baghair….! …

Do not make your aim like the

Do not make your aim like the garden Because everyone walk on it. But make your aim like the sky So everyone wish to

Me hairan hoon us kamzor banday per

Me hairan hoo’n us kamzor banday per, Jo taqatwar KHUDA ki nafarmani se nahi darta. think 🙂 …

Nice sms aasmaan par urty howy

Nice sms Aasmaan par urty howy prindy sy main ny pocha, kya tumhy Zameen pr girny ka darr nahi..?? us ny muskura kr jawab

Time is a rare luxury which can

?TIME? is a rare luxury which can never be purchased at any cost. So when someone spends it for u, it defines the depth

Mistakes are painful when they happenbut years

Mistakes are painful when they happen,But years later a collection of mistakes called Experience Which leads us to success… …

Yesterday is a cancelled cheque tommorow

YesterDay Is A Cancelled Cheque. Tommorow Is A Promissory Note. Today Is The Only Cash U Have To Spent It Wisely….

Life is an island in the ocean

Life Is An Island In the Ocean Of Loneliness, An Island Whose Rocks R Hope, Whose Trees Are Dream, Whose Flowers Are Solititude &

Insaan zindagi bhar ye 2 chehray kabhi

Insaan zindagi bhar ye 2 chehray kabhi nahi bhoolta… Ek wo ‘jo insan k mushkil tareen halaat mn sath de, Dosra wo jo aisey

Fantastic quote about life everything is

Fantastic Quote About LIFE:- Everything Is ?Prewritten? And Nothing Can B Re-Written!? So Live The Best And Leave The Rest …

i have learned excellence

/* i hAvE LeArNeD * Excellence Is Doing Ordinary Things, Extraordinarily Well….

Its just meaningless in expecting anyone to

Its Just Meaningless In Expecting Anyone To Be Of Your Kind, Because You Cannot Hold Their Right Hand In Your Right Hand To Walk

The 7 ups of life 1

The 7 Ups Of LIFE! 1. Wake Up . . . Decide To Have A Gud Day. "This Is The Day We Have, Let’s

Think about yourself atleast once in your

“Think about yourself atleast once in your life time… Otherwise you may miss the best comedy in this world.. ” ;->…

An interesting quote in patrol bunk

An Interesting Quote In PATROL BUNK “SPEED” Is A Five Letter Word …And So Is “DEATH” “SLOW” Is A Four Letter Word And So

Nice wordsquotworries are like birds let them

Nice words:"Worries are like birds, let them fly over you. But, dont make them build a nest on your head. Always Keep Smiling…. …

F a c t s in

~F a c t s~ In Life V ‘Hide’ Coz V Wanna B ‘Missed’ … V Go ‘Al0ne’ To See Who ‘Foll0ws’ V Get

2dayz thought there is a magnet

2DaYz ThOuGhT There is a magnet in Your Heart That will attract …True Friends. That magnet is “Unselfishness”, Thinking of others first… When You

Burning woods gave a person promises of

Burning Woods Gave A Person Promises Of Luv, Happiness & Care 4ever Same Burning Woods Gave Another Person Broken Dreams Of Luv, Grief &