Talk softly walk humbly eat sensibly breathe deeply sleep sufficiently dress smartly act fearlessly












We take everything for granted

We Take Everything For Granted,

– A Constantly Worried Mom,

– A Strict Dad,

– Annoying Brother,

– Rude Sis,

– Chipku Friend,

– Posessive Lover,

– Nagging Wife,

– Demanding Husband,



Blink! U Lost Them…




U’ll Miss Them As



– Caring Mom,

– Concerned Dad,

– Best Bro,

– Stupid Sis,

– Mera Jigar: My Friend,

– My Wife: My Love,

– Loving Hubby….


Don’t Take Them For Granted.

Life Never Gives A 2nd Chance..!!# …

A wise man once sat in an

A Wise Man Once Sat In An Audience And Cracked A Joke ..

All Of Them Laughed Like Crazy ..

After A Moment He Cracked The Same Joke Again

& A Little Less People Laughed This Time ..

He Cracked The Same One Again & Very Few Laughed

This Time When Ther

e Was No Laughter In The Crowd

He Smiled And Said

”If U Cant Laugh At The Same Joke Again & Again

Then Why Do U Keep Crying Over The Same Thing

Over & Over Again”

Forget The Past And Move On……..

In your life,

In your life, problems may start from Haywards 2000 or Haywards
5000, but you must take it as a Royal Challange. Otherwise people
will call you Old Monk & stick a Black Label on you. But you must
fight like Nepoleon, live like Bagpiper, walk like Johny Walker,
work till 8 PM & think like Directors Special, then your life will
be Imperial Blue. If you do all the things, you’ll be an Aristrocrat
& there will be good value for your Signature’s.!