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F a c t s in

~F a c t s~ In Life V ‘Hide’ Coz V Wanna B ‘Missed’ … V Go ‘Al0ne’ To See Who ‘Foll0ws’ V Get

I recommend you take care

I ReCoMmEnD YoU … Take Care Of The M I N U T E S And The H O U R S Will Take

Life is an island in the ocean

Life Is An Island In the Ocean Of Loneliness, An Island Whose Rocks R Hope, Whose Trees Are Dream, Whose Flowers Are Solititude &

2dayz thought there is a magnet

2DaYz ThOuGhT There is a magnet in Your Heart That will attract …True Friends. That magnet is “Unselfishness”, Thinking of others first… When You

Burning woods gave a person promises of

Burning Woods Gave A Person Promises Of Luv, Happiness & Care 4ever Same Burning Woods Gave Another Person Broken Dreams Of Luv, Grief &

Golden word kisi k akhlaq par

GOLDEN WORD Kisi k akhlaq par aetmaad na karo jab tak k usko ghusy main na dekh lo God bless U! …

Bees that have honey in their mouth

Bees that have Honey in their Mouth have Stings in their Tail . . . So be Careful from People Who pretend to be

todayzzz thought thousands of candles can

|— ToDaYzZz ThOuGhT —| Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,and the life of the candle will not be shortened. .

Jism ek dukan hy aur zuban us

Jism Ek dukan hy, Aur Zuban Us ka taala, Taala khulta hy Tou Maloom hota hy k Dukaan Soney ki hy Ya Koyaley ki…

The real art of conversation iz nt

The Real Art Of Conversation Iz Nt Only To Say The Right Thing At The Right Place Bt To Leave Unsaid The Wrong Thing

Good thoughts kills the stress before it

Good thoughts kills the stress before it kill you, Hellp every one before some one hellp you, You live the life before it leave

What we do for ourselves dies with

WhAt We Do FoR oUrSeLvEs DiEs WiTh Us BuT WhAt We Do FoR OtHeRs AnD ThE wOrLd ReMaInS AnD It’S iMmOrTaL….

Shakayat mat kar 1 apni kismat ki

SHAKAYAT MAT KAR: 1: apni kismat ki. 2: ulad k samne apne baron ki. 3: apna zati makan hote hoe makan ki tangi ki.

You cannot finish the book of life

You Cannot Finish The Book Of Life Without Closing It’s Chapters If You Want To Gon On … Then You Have To Leave The

Pple r like stained glass windows dey sparkle

Pple R like stained-glass windows dey sparkle n shine wen the sun is out but wen da darkness sets in their true beauty is

Sometimez road travelled turns out to

SoMeTiMeZ rOaD tRaVeLlEd TuRnS oUt To B MoRe BeAuTiFuL tHaN dEsTiNaTiOn ReAcHeD EnJoY lEaDiNg YoUr LiFe No MaTtEr WhAt It TuRnS oUt To B…

Time is a rare luxury which can

?TIME? is a rare luxury which can never be purchased at any cost. So when someone spends it for u, it defines the depth

Diamond cant b polish widout friction gold

DiamonD Cant B Polish WidouT FricTion. Gold CanT B Purified WidouT Fire. Good Ppl Go Through Trials BuT ThT Experience Make Their Lyf BeTTer

Respect those people who find time 4

Respect Those People Who Find Time 4 U In Their Time Table. But Love Those Who Don’t Consult Their Time Tables When U Need

Success is like tip of the tail

Success is like tip of the tail !!!If cat runs to catch the tail.It has to keep running forever.But if it walks in its

Never put too much trust in

NeVeR pUt ToO mUcH TrUsT iN FrIeNdS ? lEaRn HoW tO uSe EnEmIeS ? …

Todayz thought best friend self confidence

ToDaYz ThOuGhT Best Friend- Self Confidence & Best Enemy- Fear For Reaching D Goal Keep On Increasing Ur Confidence, Strive Ur Best, Just Bcoz

May the angels protect u sadness 4get

May the angels protect U.. May sadness 4get U.. May goodness surround U.. May happiness be round U.. and may God always bless U..!!

Kuch waqton main kya se hojata hy

Kuch waqton main kya se kya hojata hy. “Zindagi Wo Nahi Hai Jo Hum Sochte Hen Zindagi Wo Hai Jo Hum Jeete Hen” …

Be nice to everyone

Be nice to everyone on your way to the top because you pass them all on the way down.(Fred A. Hufnagel Sr.)

When will people understand that words

When Will People Understand That Words Can Cut As Sharply As Any Blade & That Those Cuts Leave Scars Upon Our Souls……

Lyf doesnt provide warranties amp guaranties it

Lyf Doesn’t Provide Warranties & Guaranties.. It Only Provides Possiblities & Opportunity For Those Who Dare To Make Best Use Of It…/…

Ur aim in life shud b 54321

Ur aim in life shud b 54321 Shockd! I mean 5- Five digit salary 4- Four wheeler vehicle 3-Three room flat 2-Two cute children

O lord dont make me among the

O LORD! Dont make me among the talented ones but make me among the blessed ones. Because I have seen many talented ones serving

When we do a task weve to

When we do a task, we’ve to cross 3 stages. 1.Insult 2.Opposition 3.Accep tance. Fools stop at the 1st Losers stop at the 2nd

Best reason for our failure we

Best Reason For Our Failure We Are Expecting ORANGES By Standing Under MANGO …Tree So We Should Change Either Our Expectation Or Tree …

In prosperity our friends know us

In Prosperity, Our Friends Know Us In Adversity, We Know Our Friends….

Its gud 2 dream but better dream

It’s Gud 2 Dream, But It’s Better 2 Dream & Work Faith Is Mighty, But Action Wid Faith Is Mightier Desiring Is Helpful, But

If a statue in the park of

If a statue in the park of a person on a horse has both front legs in the air, the person died in battle;

Smile a while while you

Smile a while & While you Smile Another Smile, Soon there’s miles & miles …Of Smiles, & Life’s worthwhile Because YOU Smiled … ^.^…

If your success is not on own

If Your Success Is Not On Your Own Terms, If It Looks Good To The World But Does Not Feel Good In Your Heart,

What is the best part of life

What is the best part of life ? "When your family understands you as a friend & your friends support you as your family….

No problm will remain a problm only

NO PROBLM WILL REMAIN A PROBLM, ONLY IF: Apne RUB Ko Mat Batao K Tumhari Mushkil Kitni Barri Hai, Balke Apni Mushkil Ko Batao

If you look at what do not

If You Look At What You Do Not Have In Life, You Don?t Have Anything, If You Look At What You Have In Life,

Quotgolden tipsquot paon beshak phisal jayelekin

"GOLDEN TIP’s" Paon Beshak Phisal Jaye,Lekin Zaban Ko Na Phisalne 2. Aj Amal Hy,Hisab Nai,Lekin Kal Hisab Hoga,Amal Nai. Jhoot Bol K Jet Jane

Wen u keep sayng r busy thn

Wen U Keep Sayng U R Busy, Thn U R Nevr Free,Wen U Kep Sayng U Ve 9 Tym Den U?l Nevr Ve Tym,

Strong people make mistakes like weak

Strong People Make Mistakes Like Weak People Do, The Difference Is Strong People Admit Them, Laugh At Them And Learn From Them. That Is

8206 pearl of d day

‎~ Pearl Of d Day ~ Being ‘FRANK’ Is Always Be88er Than Being ‘FALSELY SWEET’ …Because By Being ‘FRANK’ In Life We May Get

Sunehri kaul quotphal dar darakht hamesha

**Sunehri** ***Kaul*** "Phal dar darakht hamesha zameen ki taraf jhuka rehta hai. Bada admi bhi hamesha jhuk kar milta hai…!"…

2dayz thought quotno 1 can promise theyll

2dAyZ tHoUgHt "No 1 Can Promise They’ll Neva Hurt U, Coz At 1 Time Or Another They’ll. The Real Promise Is If D Tym

Fact of life never tell

Fact Of Life . . . Never tell your problems to anyone . . . …20% don’t care And The other 80% are glad

One tree makes lakh matchstick but can

One Tree Makes One Lakh Matchstick But One Matchstick can burn One Lakh trees. Moral: One Negative thought can burn all positive thoughts. St?y

We r like teabags whose true strength

We r like teabags whose true strength comes out when we’re put in hot water.so whn problems upst u,just think.u must be GOD’S favorite

If someone feels that he has never

If someone feels that he has never done a mistake in his life.. Then it means he has never tried a new thing in

Trust people and they will be true

Trust People And They Will Be True To You; Treat Them Greatly And They Will Show Themselves Great… /”!”…

Xpecting d world to treat u fairly

Xpecting d World to Treat u Fairly coz U r a Gud Person Is like Xpecting d Lion not to Attack u coz u

The happiness of ur life depends

The Happiness Of Ur Life Depends Upon D Quality Of Ur Thoughts. But The Quality Of Ur Thoughts Depends On D People Whom U

Genius successful people dont relax in

Genius & Successful people Don’t Relax in Chairs, They Relax in Work, They Sleep with Dreams, & Awake with Determination & Commitment….

Care is the sweetest form of love

Care is the sweetest form of love, so wen any1 says "TAKE CARE" its as good as saying, "I’ll keep u in my heart

Koi b kaam shuru krte wakt aagazbeginning

“koi b kaam shuru krte wakt aagaz(beginning) ka khas khayal kia karo apke kaam ka anjam(end) khud hi behtar ho jaega.”!…

L i f e is not an

‘L i f e’ Is not an ‘i – P o d’ To listen your Favorite Songs It’s a ‘R a d i o’

When a love comes to an end

When A Love Comes To An End Weak Cry Efficient Ones Instantly Find Another Love & Wise Already Have One In Reserve So B

Its gud 2 hve money things

Its gud 2 hve money & Things money can buy But Its gud too, to check up once in a while & make sure

I respect blind people more than others

I Respect Blind People More Than Others. Because They Judge 0thers By Their Personality, Not By Their Looks. . ….

6 chezen amal ko zaya kar deti

6 chezen amal ko zaya kar deti hen, 1.Logon k aib talash karna 2.Dil ki sakhti 3.Dunya ki mahabbat 4.Haya ki kami 5.Lambi umeed

Baap ka din yani father day wo

baap ka din yani father day wo baap jis na shab_wo_rooz mohabat kar k hamari parwarish kee aur hamara mustaqbil sawara usay hum dunya

wors r spoken oonly

wors r spoken oonly but we dnt know the value of words.they can heal or broken the hearts very easily.But in reality we only

Let us not worry about the future

Let Us Not Worry About The Future Let Us Only Do The Right Thing Today, At This Moment Here & Now Let The Future

Its a delight to discover ppl who

iTs a delight to discover ppl who r worthy of RESPECT, ADMIRATION & LOVE But iTs vital to believe yourself deserving of these ThingS…..

When you keep saying are busy

When you keep saying you are busy, Then you are never free. When you keep saying you have no time, Then you will never


AGE OF DRINKS : *1-5 breast Milk, *5-15 Horlicks, *15-25 beer, *25-32 Fresh Milk, *32-40 whisky, *40-50 Oldmonk, *50-60 vodka, *60-70 Tonic, *70..Gangajal

Aqlmand jb khamosh hota hy to fikr

Aqlmand jb khamosh hota hy to FIKR krta hy. Jb bolta hy to ZIKIR krta hy. Jb dekhta hy to IBRAT hasil krta hy….

Every king was once a helpless baby

Every king was once a helpless baby And every great structure once a Blueprint?.! Its not where you are today But wheRe you will

life funda love what youve

| LiFe FuNdA | Love…… what you’ve got, Remember……. what you had, Learn from….. your mistakes, But Never regret, People change, Things go wrong,

1 jis gunah say umar kam

(1) Jis Gunah Say Umar Kam Hoti Hai, Wo Rizzaq ke behurmati hai. (2) Jis Gunah Se Insaan Par Lanat Hoti Hy, Wo Jhoot

Never ask for anything from anyone

Never Ask For Anything From Anyone Untill You Are Not Able To Give Anything To Anyone.Never Ask For Anything From Anyone Untill You Are

E r o s are like

E R R O R S Are Like Strawz Upon The Surface Flow One Who Is In Search Of T R U T H

Allaah and looks to the Last Day.“

indeed you have in the Messenger of Allaah an excellent example for the one who hopes in Allaah and looks to the Last Day.“

Life is a book we all read

Life is a BOOK We all read it, Love is BLESSING we all need it, Always be HAPPY, Always have a SMILE, Remember in

Sometimes in life we think dont need

Sometimes in life we think we dont need any 1… But sometime in life we dont have anyone when we need…. So dont let

Aadmi pahaad mountain ki choti par se


Insan ka apnay dushman se

‘Insan ka ” apnay Dushman” se “Intiqaam” ka sab se acha” tareeqa” ye hy keh wo apni” khoobiyon” mein Izaafa karta Rahe…

Dont think how many moments in your

Dont think how many moments in your life, just think how much life is there in a moment….

The person who says it cannot be

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.”Chinese Proverb”…

2 cheezay aysi hay jo k aadmi


When u read a love quote

When U read a love quote… U never think of d person who has written d quote …But U alwayz think of d person

I was not born experienced but

I Was Not Born Experienced But The Hard Realities, Deceiving Natures, Broken Promises, Double Faces, Attractive Words, Melting Emotions, Lovely Feelings, Harsh Truths, Bitter

In life when u get troubles

In life when U get troubles, Don"t get nervous… Just close Ur eyes and follow Ur HEART….. HEART may b in Left….. But it

Dream makes all things possiblehopes worklove above

DREAM makes all things possible.HOPES makes all things work.LOVE makes all above possbile so ALWAYS SMILE!……

Itz not the will to win

It’Z nOt ThE WiLl To WiN BuT ThE wIlL tO PrEpArE tO wIn ThAt MaKeS tHe DiFfErEnCe ……

Those who are most slow in

?Those Who Are Most Slow In Making A Promise, Are The Most Faithful In Fulfillng It.? …

A wise man once sat in an

A Wise Man Once Sat In An Audience And Cracked A Joke .. All Of Them Laughed Like Crazy .. After A Moment He

Soft speech clean heart peaceful eyes focused

Soft Speech, Clean Heart, Peaceful Eyes, Focused Mind, Faith On ALLAH & Determined Decision Always Makes You Winner… …

Dont let someone become a priority in

Don’t LeT Someone Become a prioriTy in your life, when You are jusT an opTion in Their life. RelaTionships work besT when They are

Ek roz roshni k hazaar sitaray honge

Ek Roz Roshni k Hazaar Sitaray honge Or Apki Ankhon main Hasin Nazare honge Qayamat k Din jab Apka Mobile check kiya jaega To

The 7 ups of life 1

The 7 Ups Of LIFE! 1. Wake Up . . . Decide To Have A Gud Day. "This Is The Day We Have, Let’s

4 hardest tasks on earth r neither

4 hardest tasks on earth r neither physical nor intellectual feats but they r spiritual ones: To return love for hate To include the

When we multiply tiny pieces of time

When We Multiply Tiny Pieces Of Time With Small Increments Of Daily Effort We’ll Find, We Can Accomplish Magnificent Things. We Can Change The

The most important single ingridient in

The Most Important Single Ingridient In The Formula Of Success Is Knowing How To Get Along With People =) …

Kabhi socha hai hamne 60kg attay

kabhI socha hai Hamne? 60kg Attay ki Bori Jo Utha sakta hai Vo kharid nahi sakta … aur Jo Kharid sakta hai Vo Utha

Wanting to win is common all working

Wanting To Win Is Common To All Working To Win Is The Real Mark Of “C H A M P I O N”…

We cant achieve the real success and

we can’t achieve the real success and happiness until we learn the art of having tolerance, sacrifice, care and respect for others….

A beautiful thought person who can

A Beautiful thought :- A person who can explain the meaning of Colour to a BLIND…That Person can explain anything in LIFE……

Destiny is simply da strength of ur

Destiny Is Simply Da Strength Of Ur Desires If U Cry At A Trouble, It Grows Double If U Laugh At A Trouble, It