Chalo iss valentine pr kuch aisa karty

Chalo iss Valentine Pr Kuch Aisa Karty Hain

Pichly Bars Sookhey Pholon Ko

Apni Chahton Se Taza Karty Hain

Or Phir Ajj K In Pholon Se

Un Mein Azafa Karty Hain

Chalo is Valentine Pr Kuch Aisa Karty Hain

Kuch Pal K Liye Hum Ajnabi Banty Hain

Ek Aam Se Sada Kagiz Pr

Ek Lafz “MOHABAT“ Likhty Hain

Or Phir is Lafz K Ehsas Ko

Ek Naye Andaz Se Milty Hain

Chalo is Valentine Pr Kuch Aisa Krty Hain

Apny Sary Gham Apny Sary Dukh

Tum Mujhy De Dena

Meri Sari Khushiyan Mery Sary Sukh

Tum Rakh Lena

RAB Se Kuch is Tarah Ki Dua Karty H

Symtyms d most impt thng dat we

symtyms d most impt thng dat we get frm a relationshp s nt d guarantee of permanence bt d leson dt we learn frm it wen 8 fails.. 8s nt hw mch luv we hav rcvd bt hw mch luv we hav gven.. 8s nt how many tears we hav shed, but hw mch lafter we hav shared..8s nt hw mny times we wer accepted bt hw mny tyms we understud wen we wr rejected.. In d end, 8s nt always hw mch hapiness we hav had bcoz of luv, bt hw mch we hav gven dat made others happy…

Meaning of the word valentine v

Meaning of the word ‘Valentine’

V ery special moments with you

A ll the great things you do for me

L oving times we spend together

E verything we share with each other

N ice things you say to me

T ender and unexpected gestures

I ncredible times we spend together

N ever-ending friendship you offer

E ach and every time you smile

Happy Valentine’s Day ..

Happy valentines day from me to you

Happy Valentines Day from me to you.

So glad i sent a card to you.

You know how I feel you know what i want.

So when you’re ready help me out.

Tonight I’ll be the man of your dreams.

Tomorrow I’ll be the man of your life.

I’ll take your hand I’ll take your mind.

I’ll take you to a little place of mine.

I’ll see you smile I’ll see you cry.

But I’ll never be a man who cheat or Lie’s.

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Lövèäßlé Ñümßèr—143


Lövèåßlé flöwèr—RÖSÉ


Lövèaßlé Plcè—TÄJMÄHÃ…L


Lövèaßlè D套14th Fèß


Lövèåßlè Örgåñ—HÉÄRT,


Lövèaßlé Frìèñd—¥ÖÜ’



Vis for valentine you are my

V….is for Valentine ; you are my only Valentine

A… for I will Always be yours

L… for Love at its most extreme

E… for Everlasting love ; Ecstatic love.

N… for Never-ending love

T… for we will Always be Together forever

I… for you being Intelligent and Innocent;

N….is 4 Natures naughty way of saying I luv you to

E… for Eternity our love is so ever lasting .

Uk ka ek aashiq tha us ne

uk ka ek aashiq tha us ne shadi k pehle larki k sath zina karne ko jaiz karar diya tha jo k hamare islam m jab tak shadi nhi ho jati tab tak zina jaiz nhi hai us ka nam valin tha us ki mebooba ka nam tine tha to uk k govt ne use phansi p charha diya kiyu k wo ek gair mazhabo kam kr rha tha shadi se pehle us ne zina ko jaiz qarar diya aur jis din un ko phasi ayi to uk walon ne us ki yad m valintine day nam rakha aur valintine day manaya aur valintine day nhi nhi manana chahiye,ye to acha hua k us ko phasi agayi nhi to shadi k pehle zina ko jaiz karar diya jo k ye islam ki toheen thi ab jo ye din manaye ga wo islam ki toheen kare ga,thats all islye valintine day nhi manana chahiye

Shayed tumhare pas hon ab tak

Shayed tumhare pas hon ab tak..

Wo “valentine“ k tuhfe mere..

Or shayed k tum na boole ho ge..

Wo zamana humari mohabat ka..

Or shayed k yad ho tumko jab b..

Valentine day aata tha..

Tu pehle main wish kya karta tha…

Or tum mujse jagrra karti tha…..

K “pehle muje wish karna tha“…

“pehle muje wish karna tha“…

Or wo aakhri valentine day yad hai mujko…

Jab main ne soch k rakha tha…

K is bar tuje wish karne don…

Main man hi man main soch raha tha..

K tumhara tuhfa aisa hoga ..

Tumhara tuhfa waisa hoga..

Kuch gul_e_gulaab or card b honge…

Or isi ashna main …

Aaj us din ko guzre barson beete…

Par shayed tum ye bool gaye the..

Is bar tuje wish karna tha ..

Is bar tuje wish karna tha.

I have searched my heart for the

I have searched my heart

For the words to say just how much u mean to me

You are all of God’s Blessings rolled into one.

My dreams,My desires,My evening,My sun.

My evening walking moment, my hopes and my fears,

My disillusion,My contentment,My joy nd My tears.

But most important of all, I thank God when i pray bcoz

u make every moment MY VALENTINE DAY.

Valentines for lovers and friends all my

Valentine’s for lovers and for friends.

All my love goes out to you this day!

Love is something different from desire:

Even, silent, peaceful as the sky.

Nor is love interested in means or ends.

There are no selfish needs that it must weigh.

Instead, love’s plenitude itself inspires,

Needing neither cause nor reason why.

Each day my thoughts enchanted with you lie.