Daa ilallahi fal mustamsi koona bihi mustamsi

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‘Da’a ilallahi fal mustamsi koona bihi’

‘Mustamsi koona bi hablin ghayri munfasimi’.

He called us to the path of Allah, and those who cling to him

Have held the rope of Allah so tight, that it would never break.

‘Faqan nabiyyina fi khalqiw-wa fi khuluqin’

‘Wa lam yudaanuhu fi ‘ilmiw-wa la karami’.

He surpasses all the Prophets in khalq (creation/external appearance) and in khuluq (characters/internal apprearance)

None could reach his rank in knowledge (ilm) and in generosity (karam).

‘Famablaghul ‘ilmi feehi annahu basharun’

‘Wa annahu khayru khalqillahi kullihimi’.

Our utmost knowledge about him says that he is a bashar (human being)

He is the most distinguished and the best, out of all of Creation