This message is frm smile

This message is frm

“Smile & Co.”

V r checking if all the “Shweet People” on earth r “Smiling” or not

Hey that’s a “Shweeeet Smile”

Keep :)ing Always (=…

If you dont start out the day

If You Don’t Start Out The Day With A Smile,

It Is Not Too Late To Start Practicing For Tommorow …

Good Morning


Have A Smiley n Blessed Day … (:…

Among those whom i like or admire

Among those

Whom I like or admire

I can find no common denominator


Among those

Whom I love

I can …

All of them make me smile … (:…

Always keep smiling u know y

Always keep Smiling.

u know Y?




Aur Muskurao!

Kya Pata . . .

Kal . . . .

Daant hon na hon….

If life is a gamei pray




If life is a game.I pray u always win.

If life is a journey. I pray u always walk on roses.

If life is a joke. i wish u always smile….

Bhej kar sms dil say yaad kia

Bhej Kar sms Dil Say Yaad Kia Hum Ne"

Phir Na Kehna K Bhula Diya Hum Ne"

Ab Na Koi Bahna Hoga"

Dekh Kar Msg Humara Apko"


Hoga… ;->…

A smile is a curve

A Smile 🙂 Is a Curve

Dat Sets Everything Straight

& Wipes Da Wrinkles Away

Hope U Share & Receive

a Lot Of Smile Tomorrow

Here’s 1 From M3 ;)…

Sun glows 4 a day candle

Sun glows

4 a day,

Candle 4 an hour Matchstick 4 a minute,


A Good Day can Glow 4eve,

So start ur day with a SMILE on ur Face,

Good Morning?!!!

Most of us miss out lifes big

Most of us Miss Out

Life’s Big Prizes.




But we are

All Eligible for

Life’s Small Pleasures :

A Pat on the Back.

A Hug frm bst frnd.

A Full Moon.

A Glorious Sunset.

A chat wit 1 we lik a lot .

A Delicious Meal.

A Good Joke

An Ice cream

A Shower of Rain.

A Silent Night on

the Terrace.

A Slow Walk on

an Empty Road

With The Person

You Love the Most.

So Dont

Wry abt Missin

Life’s Grand Rewards.

Enjoy it’s Tiny Delights!…

Muje apk honto pr bs

Muje apk honto pr


Bs 1 bar



Bs 1 bar


Bohat dil chah raha he


Bs 1 bar





Bara maza ayega,



Piyari c hasi dekhni he :-…

Cream se agar cake itna meeta ho

Cream se agar cake itna meeta ho sakta ha

Ek dori agr gubare ko upar ura kar leja sakti ha

Ek machis mombati ko jala kar chamka sakti ha

Muje umeed ha k ek sada sa sms tumhe muskarahat de sakti ha….

Test ur bp with out any machine

Test Ur B.P With out any machine

Put ur left hand on Ur heart

Close Ur palm with full force

Count Ur heart beats/min

On120th beat open ur palm &start counting back frm 120 to 0

Now put Ur hand up &stand fr120 sec

Now stand on 1 leg for 120sec

Now at once start running at 80m/hr 2 north &keep running fr 80 min Now stop at once

Now aftr 80 minutes just relax

If u r smiling aftr reading this Msg, ur B.P is normal :-P;->…

Rose is famous 4 grace advocate

Rose is famous 4 Grace…

Advocate is famous 4 his Case..

Horses are famous 4 Race…

But U r famous 4 Smile on your Face…

If i cud reach up and hold

If i cud reach up and hold a star 4 every time u made me smile the entire evening sky wud b in the palm of my hand.

I bet when u read this msg

I bet when u read this msg full, u will definitely smile.

gara gaqa kha kha ka kha mam jam kumko jampa koko kaye ko k keko kha

q agae na smile?…

Only 2 persons r very happy in

Only 2 persons r very happy in dis world,

1 is MAD & another is CHILD.

Be a MAD to achieve wt you desire

and be a CHILD to spread smile on faces.

Mere dost tanhai me na waqt bitaya

Mere dost tanhai me na waqt bitaya karo

kabhi kabhi mehfilon me bhi aaya kro

kya hua jo kalay hein saamnay k 4 daant

phr bhi muh khol kr muskuraya kro:-…

Im not your friend if you whould

Im not your friend if?

You whould rather keep quiet when you really waana talk!

Im not your friend if?

You hesitate to ask me to stay back when you think we should be together!

Im not your friend if?You take too much tine to tell me what i mean to you!

Am i ur friend???

A smile can take u milez..!!!

A smile gives red color 2 ur

A smile


red color 2 ur cheeks

white color 2 ur teeth

pink color 2 ur nose

silver color 2 ur eyes

so kep smiling








gola ganda. :-)…

Its not that u stop smiling as

Its not that u stop smiling as u grow old.

The real thing is u grow old bcoz u stop smiling.

Donate a smile today…

And Live Longer…….

Yun aaino se kab tak dil behlao

Yun Aaino se kab tak Dil behlao gay

Jab andhera hoga khud ko tanha paoge

Hum jesa koi Pyara rahe agar Aap k sath

to Kasam se umar bh@r Muskurao gay

A smile may be

A Smile ? !

May Be The Ray Of Sunshine

That Someone

Needs In

A Stormy Day ? =)

Uuffoohh dosti ka sara kaam mujhe he


Dosti Ka Sara Kaam Mujhe He Karna Parta Hai

Love Bhi

Miss Bhi

Care Bhi

Sms Bhi

Chalo Ab Eik Kaam Aap Bhi Kar Do. . .

Eik Sweet See Smile Pas Kar Do. . .

Ta’kay Hamari


^Very^ Very^


Always wear a smile on ur face

Always wear a smile on ur face while talking to others,

It cost u nothing but it ll make ur face favourite for all….

Keep the smile leave tear think

Keep the smile,

Leave the tear,

Think of joy,

Forget the fear,

Hold the laugh,

Leave the pain,

Be joyous till i sms again.

I m looking for new friends quot

I m looking for new friends

" A friend is one

who sees ur

1st drop of Tear,

Catches the 2nd,

stops the



Turns the 4th

into a SMILE

Keep Smiling"…

Kabhi rooth kar mana hans rula
























A s m i l e brings


“S M I L E”






It Is Nature’s Best ANTIDOTE For Trouble …

Sharp is ur memory sweet name deep

Sharp is ur memory, sweet is ur name, deep in my heart u?ll always remain. Earth wants water, flower wants dew, I want nothing but a smile from u…

Ek to aap sharmati boht ho agar

Ek To Aap Sharmati Boht Ho!

Agar Baat Karty Ho To Ghabrati Boht Ho!

Dil To Karta Hai K Ek Bhi SmS Na Karun!

Per Suna Hai Aap SmS Parh Kar Muskurati Boht

Ho. :->…

A smile makes us look younger

A Smile Makes Us

Look Younger …

While Prayerz Make Us

Feel Strong …


Friendz … ?

They Make Us Enjoy Life Forever …

GooD MorninG (:->…

Frend is 1 who tolerates ur worst

“FrEnD” Is 1 Who Tolerates Ur Worst MOOD

Manage 2 Smile On Ur Idiotic JOKE

Tries 2 Undrstnd Ur Kraziest DREAM

& Knws d Bigst Reazon Behind Ur Smalest Tear =)…

Sun glows 4 a day candle

Sun glows

4 a day,

Candle 4 an hour Matchstick 4 a minute,


A Good Day can Glow 4eve,

So start ur day with a SMILE on ur Face,

Good Morning?!!!

Hum aap k acount main add ker

Hum aap k acount main add ker rahey hain.







Jis ka pin code hai sirf


Best linez by a best frnd

Best linez by a best frnd:

“It hurts me wen u talk to s0me0ne else n n0t me….

it hurts even m0re wen s0me1 else makez u smile n i can’t…” …

Laughter can be satisfying


Can Be Satisfying Than Honor ?

More Precious Than Money ?

More Heart-Cleansing Than Prayer ? =)

Keep Laughing .

U maybe tired of many greetings

U Maybe Tired of many greetings like



Gud Morning

Gud Noon

Hav A nice day

& so on . . .

Now here’s my simple fresh line

” Can U smile 4 me once 🙂 “…

Find the 1 that makes ur heart

Find The 1

That Makes Ur Heart Smile

There r Moments In Life When U Miss Someone So Much That U Just Wanna Pick ‘Em From Ur Dreams n Hug ‘Em For Real (=

i have never seen a

? I hAvE



A sMiliNg



wAs nOt

bEaUtiFul ? ?

k33P sMiLiNg

:-> :-> :-> :-> :->

Whatever happens to ur day just relax

WhatEver Happens To Ur Day… Just Relax & Manage To Make Smile… Life Isn’t A Problem To Be Solved But A Gift To Be Enjoyed…

Make EveryDay Ur Best Day :->…

Hey sumthing missing in u but


Sumthing Missing In U,

But Wat & Whr?Lets Search

In Ur Bag


In Ur Pocket



I Got It

Its On Ur Face


When i smile think of u u

When I smile, I think of u,

When I think of U, I smile,

Is it smiling that makes me think of U,

Or thinking of U that makes me smile,

Anyway am smiling now,

I love U…

Anger is a condition in which tongue

“Anger” is a condition in which tongue works faster than the mind & “Smile” is an action which makes everything work faster except the tongue….

A smile may be

A Smile ? !

May Be The Ray Of Sunshine

That Someone

Needs In

A Stormy Day ? =)

Smile is the electricity amp life

Smile Is The Electricity

& Life Is A Battery. . .

Whenever U Smile, The Battery Gets Charged & a Beautiful Day Is Activated

So Keep Smiling

Forever & Forever…

Gun can kill fire burn wind chill

Gun can kill

Fire can burn

Wind can chill


The mind can learn

Anger can rage till it tears U apart


The power of Ur smile cn heal a frozen heart (:…

If u see some one without a

If u see some one without a smile

give him one of yours

because you are among a few good people

who can shine others lives

by just walking with him a few miles…

Smile is da jam on toast of

Smile is da jam on da toast of life

it adds flavor

keeps it frm being too dry

& makes it easier 2 solve life’s problems.

Keep :-)ing


Enjoy Life…

If you were not using your smileyou

If you were not using your smile,you are like a man with Million dollars in the bank and no cheque book.

(Les Giblin)

keEp sm|L|ng ;->…

A gun kill s0meone fire can

A gUN kILL s0mEoNe

FIrE cAn bUrN s0mEoNe

wINd cAn cHILL

AngEr cAn rAgE tILL It tEarS y0u aPart

bUt p0wEr oF y0uR sMILe cAn HeAL A fr0zEn HeArt . . . . . /…

Nothing comes free of cost in dis

Nothing Comes Free Of Cost In Dis World Including My Message;

So I?ve Decided 2 Charge 4 My Messages;

& D Price Is

Ur Expenensive SmiLe

Wo rootha sa lagta hai koi

Wo Rootha Rootha Sa Lagta Hai,,,

Koi Tarkeeb Batao Manane Ki,,,

Main Zindagi Girwi Rakh Sakta Hoon,,,

Tum Keemat Batao Muskurane Ki……

Smile is infication u can catch it

Smile is infication

U can catch it like the fly

When Someone Smiles at me today

I Started SmiLing too,

I passed around the corner

As Someone Saw my Grin,when he smiled I realized

I ?d passed it on him

So/if u feel a Smile begin

Don?t leave it undeteched….

Aapki dosti aapki har wafa kaafi hai

Aapki dosti aapki har wafa kaafi hai,

Tamam umar yeh aasra kaafi hai,

Jahan kabhi milo mil ke muskura dena,

Hamari Khushi k liye aap ki ye ada kaafi hai.” …

Heart for sale itsprice is just









A smile is the light in

A SmIlE iS The

LiGhT iN Ur WinDow

Th8 tElLs OthEr’S

Th8 ThErE iS A

CaRinG, ShaRinG

PerSon InSidE….

Life is all abt waking up each

LifE iS aLL Abt WakinG uP EaCh dAy tO diSCoVer SoMethinG NeW, Abt MeetinG oLd PeoPLe bUt MakinG NeW CoNverSatioNs, WaLkinG thru oLd RoadS bUt StiLL feeLinG NicE Abt it, ReaLizinG thAt u hAvE GrowN a dAy oLdeR bUt StiLL feeLinG young at hEArt, MeetinG busy ScheduLeS bUt StiLL fiNdinG timE 4 oLd fRieNds, bEinG NoStaLGic Abt by GoNe dAys bUt LookinG foRWaRd tO bEttEr dAys, WaNtinG 2 Shoot da person Who SeNt SuCh a LonG MsG bUt StiLL MaNaGe 2 SmiLe.. |?!’|

We re not too close in distance

We re not too close in distance.

We re not too near in miles.

But text can still touch our hearts and thoughts can bring us smiles….

The most beautiful thing in this world

The Most Beautiful Thing In This World

Is To See Your Parents Smiling & The Next Best Thing

Is To Know That You Are The Reason Behind That Smile-:-)…

excuses are the nails used to build

-Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.

-Hope puts a smile on our face when the heart cannot manage.

Hav a nice & safe weekend! Take care…

Everyday is a happy day as long

EvErYdAy Is A hApPy dAy As LoNg

As yOu tEXt Me oNcE A dAy.

I teLL yOu,

tHiS Is No LiE.

A tEXt fRoM yOu aLwAyS

MakEs Me sMiLe….

You can hide alot behind a smile

You Can Hide Alot…

Behind A SMILE


B r o k e n

H e a r t

S h a t t e r e d

D r e a m s

L o n g i n g

D e s i r e s …

Wonderful coupels in dis world heart

Wonderful coupels in dis world…

Heart & Beat,

Night & Sleep,

Moon & Stars,

Sky & Clouds,

Music & Song,

Fish & Water,

Rose & Love,

My $m$ & Ur Smile…