Life is all abt waking up each

LifE iS aLL Abt WakinG uP EaCh dAy tO diSCoVer SoMethinG NeW, Abt MeetinG oLd PeoPLe bUt MakinG NeW CoNverSatioNs, WaLkinG thru oLd RoadS bUt StiLL feeLinG NicE Abt it, ReaLizinG thAt u hAvE GrowN a dAy oLdeR bUt StiLL feeLinG young at hEArt, MeetinG busy ScheduLeS bUt StiLL fiNdinG timE 4 oLd fRieNds, bEinG NoStaLGic Abt by GoNe dAys bUt LookinG foRWaRd tO bEttEr dAys, WaNtinG 2 Shoot da person Who SeNt SuCh a LonG MsG bUt StiLL MaNaGe 2 SmiLe.. |?!’|

Most of us miss out lifes big

Most of us Miss Out

Life’s Big Prizes.




But we are

All Eligible for

Life’s Small Pleasures :

A Pat on the Back.

A Hug frm bst frnd.

A Full Moon.

A Glorious Sunset.

A chat wit 1 we lik a lot .

A Delicious Meal.

A Good Joke

An Ice cream

A Shower of Rain.

A Silent Night on

the Terrace.

A Slow Walk on

an Empty Road

With The Person

You Love the Most.

So Dont

Wry abt Missin

Life’s Grand Rewards.

Enjoy it’s Tiny Delights!…

Test ur bp with out any machine

Test Ur B.P With out any machine

Put ur left hand on Ur heart

Close Ur palm with full force

Count Ur heart beats/min

On120th beat open ur palm &start counting back frm 120 to 0

Now put Ur hand up &stand fr120 sec

Now stand on 1 leg for 120sec

Now at once start running at 80m/hr 2 north &keep running fr 80 min Now stop at once

Now aftr 80 minutes just relax

If u r smiling aftr reading this Msg, ur B.P is normal :-P;->…

Im not your friend if you whould

Im not your friend if?

You whould rather keep quiet when you really waana talk!

Im not your friend if?

You hesitate to ask me to stay back when you think we should be together!

Im not your friend if?You take too much tine to tell me what i mean to you!

Am i ur friend???

A smile can take u milez..!!!