Ab ke hum bitchre to shayad kabhi

Ab Ke Hum Bitchre To Shayad Kabhi Khawbon Main Mile
Jis Tarah Sukhay Hue Patte Kitabon Main Mile
Dhoond Ujray Hue Logon Main Wafa Ke Moti
Ye Khazane Tujhe Mumkin Hai Kharabon Main Mile

Ghum-e-Duniya Bhi Ghum-e-yaar Main Shamil Kar Loon
Nasha Barhta Hai Sharabain Jo Sharabon Main Mile

Too Khuda Hai Na Mera Ishq Farishton Jaisa
Dono Insaan Hain To Kyon Hijabon Main Mile

Aaj Hum Dar Ye Khainchainge Jin Baton Par
Kya Ajub Kal Woh Zamane Ko Nasibon Main Mile

Ab Na Woh Hain, Na Woh Tu Hai, Na Woh Maze Hain Faraz
Jaise Do Shakhs Tamanna Ke Sailabon Main Mile

Ab Ke Hum Bitchre To Shayad Kabhi Khawbon Main Mile

As i mentioned earlier bought two collections

As I mentioned earlier, I bought two collections of ghazals by Bashir Badr. One of them had an introduction by Nida Fazli, another very famous name in urdu poetry. He does not seem of have a very fantastic opinion of Badr – he thinks that most of Badr’s greatness as a poet is only accepted by Badr himself, and he has expressed this opinion in quite an amusing and witty way.
“apni kitaab mei.n unhone kamzor shayari ki pehchaan ke saath tandurust ghazal ki bhi kuch nishaniya.n ginaayee hai.n. Kamzor shero.n ki misaalo.n ke liye unhe taqriban 700 barso.n ke itihaas ki khaak chhaan-ni paDi, lekin tandurust shero.n ki talaash mei.n unhe jyada waqt nahin kharch karna paDa. Ghar me allah ka diya sab kuch tha, ji khol kar apne shero.n ka istemaal kiya”
[In his book, apart from identifying characterstics of weak poetry, he has also enumerated the traits of good poetry. For examples of weak couplets, he had to search through 700 years of history, but he didn’t have to spend much time in search of good poetry. The lord had given everything at home, he used his own couplets whole-heartedly.]
Fazli opines that Badr is more famous for being part of ‘Mushairas’ [Poetry recitals] than actually the quality of his poems. Even so, he agrees that Badr’s poetry showed more maturity, and finally deviated from the conventional symbolisms, with time, and concludes that Badr is a wonderful poet of the post-independence urdu ghazal.
The introduction was amusing, due to the humorous style Fazli had written it in (even if it was at the expense of Badr). But what was interesting to note was that unlike the usual introductions, which unquestioningly felicitate the author/poet, Fazli expressed his honest opinion.
I am a novice, as far as the history of urdu/hindi ghazal goes, and I am not well versed with individual poets’ styles, but I have read quite a few poems by many writers, and have found favorite ones from all poets’ works. I have come across some beautiful ghazals by Badr as well, and I was glad to find them in this collection.
*** *** ***
Kabhi yu.n bhi aa meri aankh mei.n ki meri nazar ko khabar na ho
Mujhe ek raat nawaaz de magar iske baad sahar na ho
Come into my eyes some time that my sight is not aware of it
Allow me just a single night, but let not the dawn arise after it
*** *** ***
Mai.n tamaam din ka thakaa hua, tu tamaam shab ka jagaa hua
Zara thahar ja isi moD par, tere saath shaam guzaar loon
I am tired after the entire day, you have stayed awake the entire night
Pause at this very corner, and let me spend an evening with you
*** *** ***
Charaago.n ko aankho.n mei.n mehfooz rakhna
Badi door tak raat hi raat hogi
Musafir hain ham bhi musafir ho tum bhi
Kisi moD pe phir mulaaqaat hogi
Keep the lamps safe in your eyes
The night (darkness) will spread far and beyond
I am a traveller, you are also a traveller
We shall meet again at some corner
*** *** ***
Ajeeb shakhs hai naaraaz hoke hansta hai
Mai.n chahta hoo.n khafa ho to woh khafa hi lage
He is a strange person – he laughs when offended
I wish that if he is angry, he should look so
*** *** ***
Kisi ki raah mein dehleej par diye na rakho
Kivad sookhi hui lakdiyo.n ke hote hai.n
Kadeem kasbo.n mei.n kaisa sukoon hota hai
Thake thakaye hamare bujurg sote hain
Do not light lamps at the doorstep in someone’s wait
The doors are made of dry wood
There is such a comfort in old towns
Our weary forefathers rest out there
*** *** ***
Koii haath bhi na milayega jo gale miloge tapaak se
Yeh naye mijaaz ka shahar hai zara faasle se mil