Your reading my poem when you8217re done

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Your Reading My Poem,
When You’re Done, I’m Dead.
I Put The Loop Around My Neck.
I’m Ready To Fall From The Stool.
Kinda Scared, But Oh Well,
No One Will Notice ‘That’ I Was Even There.
People Thought I Wasn’t The Type Of Guy To Kill Myself.
I Was Always To-Myself. Never Saying Much.
I Even Had A Smile.
What Could Be Any Better, But This Guy’s Life?
Well It All Changed When, Well, I Just Outta Nowhere Lost It.
People In This World Made Me Sick I Guess.
I Just Couldn’t Keep On Living Like I Was.
It Had To End. It Had To End Now.
Kicking Down The Stool,
Dangiling Around, Feet Off The Ground.
Choking, Trying To Gasp For Air.
My Last Breath I Will Ever Breathe Is Gone.