Your love made me crazy mad its

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Your Love Made Me Crazy
Your Love Made Me Mad
Its A Feeling So Unique
Its A Feeling I Never Had
My Love Grows Stronger
Each Passing Day
I’ll Always Be There
Come What May
I Love You So Much
Words Cannot Show
You’re Like A Rainbow After Rain
The Lovliest I Know
You’re The One For Me
I Can Call U Just Mine
You’re The Icing On My Cake
My Ever Lasting Sunshine
Hope I Can Repay You
For All The Love You Gave
You’ll Find Me Next To You
In Matters,Simple Or Grave
Just One Wish Now I Got
That If I Were Soon To Die
God Take Of My Darling
Please Dont Let Him Cry
For I Cannot Bear To See
His Precious Tears Wasted Away
For A Reason Not Worthy Enough
Coz Im Never Ever Going Away