You touch me i will burn seethe

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You Touch Me i Will Burn You
You Will Seethe And Sizzle Through And Through
But you Will Crave For Me
You Won-‘t Stay Away From Me
You Want To Feel The Pleasure In The Pain
You Know Nothing Can Blow Me Out, Not Even The Rain
As Your Hands Will Strike Through Me
I Will Reward You A Smile-Â…that Everyone Will See
I Will Make Sure You Have A Nice Time
You Will Strive To Be Mine
But-Â…i-‘m Too Dangerous To Handle, They Say
You-‘ll Get Burned If In My Way
Still, I Will Try Not To Hurt You
Because-Â…it Will Hurt Me Too
I Want To Feel That Sentiment
I Do Not Want To Lament
Take Me On Your Journey Through Me
I Promise To Help You, You-‘ll See
I Will Not Cause Any Trouble
I Will Just Sit In Your Heart Like A Pile Of Rubble
And Sometimes-Â…just Sometimes
I Will Start To Explode
But-Â…you-‘ll Be Happy-Â…that I Can Say
My Changing Colors Will Make You Stay
You Love Me-Â…you Hate Me-Â…
Only Time Will See Now-Â…what Am I?
I Am A Flame I Am Fire…
The Fire Of Passion-Â…of Love