You the one who make gushing out

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You The One Who Make Gushing Out
From Your Pen-Â…words And Rhymes
That Reassure Some Tired Heart Full
Of Pains ,Tears And Disappointments!
I Imagine You So-Â…seated And Thoughtful,
With Your Leaned Face Among The Hands
Almost Joint In Prayer…
While Your Spirit Raises Itself In High Spaces
Where To Search For Words
To Give To Those Who Like Me
Has Always A Hunger
For Songs And Melodies-Â…
You Succeed In Tearing Me A Tear,
Other Times You Steal Me A Smile…
Who You Are-Â…
With Such A Great Heart
To Know How To Give Love,
Joy, Hope, Trust And Sweets Illusions?
Tell Me, Then If You Know This…
Where Does Dream End
And Where Does Reality Begin…?