You said youd never leave me and

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You Said You-‘d Never Leave Me,
And Your Heart Was Mine Alone.
You Said You-‘d Never Cheat On Me,
And Our Love Would Be Your Home.
We Shared So Many Moments,
And I-‘ll Always Hold Them Dear;
But As Much As I Want Things To Stay The Same,
The Relationship Must End Here.
I Saw You In Another-‘s Arms,
In A Sensuous Embrace And Kiss,
Oblivious To All In Your Presence,
And Engulfed In Your Stolen Bliss.
Though Torn To My Soul, My Tears I Fought Back,
I Held My Heart Intact.
The Promises Made Are All Worn And Frayed,
My Pain You Can-‘t Take Back.
So Save Your Empty Promises,
Your Lies I-‘ll Never Believe.
It Was Me You Hurt, My Trust You Battered,
My Heart That You Deceived