You put down the cup after taking

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You Put Down The Cup
After Taking One Sip
“Oh Hot…”
The Eye Brows Arched
Like Loaded Bows
Lips Rolled In
Followed By A Giggle
Sitting Across The Table
Looking At You
And Sipping My Coffee
My Mind Floating On Cloud
I Was In Heaven

You Reached Across
Took My Left Hand
Turned It Up And Looked At My Palm
You Wanted To Feel My Fingers
And The Lines…….
“Your Hand Feels Rough….”
Face Showed Annoyance
But Your Eyes Were Smiling
And I Could Feel Your Fingers
Gently Gliding On My Palm
Like You Wanted To Transfer
The Softness Of Your Fingers
And To Take Away The Roughness
From My Hands Forever….