You made me smile and cry but

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You Made Me Smile And You Made Me Cry
But Dont Worry Girl Now My Eyes Are Dry
The Love And Pain Was Very True
No Wonder I Didnt Know What To Do
No Other Flower Smells Like You
And No Other Girl Is Just Like You
I Have Taken Things In My Stride
Coz I Knew,You Are Never Gonna Be My Bride
But,I Dont Know Whether I Can Brush Aside
The Tired Love That Sleeps Inside
I Know There Is Noone To Blame
But My Life Will Never Be The Same
Rarely We Know God’s Games
The Spring Times Are Gone And My Life Is Lame.
Now Iam Just Waiting For The Years To Roll
Life Without You , I Can Only Try.
But Dont Worry Girl Now My Eyes Are Dry