You encroached in my heart i can

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You Encroached In My Heart
I Can Never Leave You.
How Do I Tell You That
How Much I Love You.
I Love You From The Core Of My Heart
But You Took My Love Sarcastically
It-‘s Now Tedious To Say That
It Was Juat My Destiny.
You Leave Me As You Have No Mercy
My Heart Is Feeling Like A Moor
But There-‘s No Scanty Of Hope
I Feel As If You-‘ll Come Encore.
Still I Feel It Was Just A Dream
& You Are Here Onle With Me
But I Was So Witless That
I Thought You-‘ll Never Leave Me.
Now Your Name Makes Me Feel Sads
It Is Painful To Cry In A Rain
But That Is Also Truth That
It Will Now Happen Again N Again.
My Soul Was Frenzy About You
& It-‘s Now Going To Demise
I-‘ll Come Back Soon, I Promise
But That Is Also Not Precise.