You ask me if i think of

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You Ask Me If I Think Of You
What A Funny Thing To Say
In Fact I Bet You Cross My Mind
A Million Times A Day
Like As I Open My Eyes
To Greet The Rising Sun
I-‘ve Thought Of You At Least Ten Times
And The Day Has Just Begun
Thoughts So Many In My Heart
I Can-‘t Help But Smile
Thoughts Of You Play On Mind
To List Would Be A Mile
I Wonder What You-‘re Doing
Are You Thinking Of Me Too?
Do I Cross Your Mind At Funny Times?
Pop In Right Out Of The Blue?
It-‘s Wonderful When You Call Me
Right When I Was Thinking Of You
Everywhere I Feel There Is Happiness
Yes Really I Have Loved Thee
So Now You Know How Much I Think Of You
From The Time I Open My Eyez To I Close
In My Mind “Its Only You”