You are in the language of my

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You Are In The Language Of My Blood Drops
The Flow In Which My Life Sustains
You Must Know I Breathe Only When You Inhale
And See Only When You Awake
Yet My Spirit, It Dances During The Unconscious Hours
Forming Storms In The Atmosphere
Raising Kindred Shapes In The Dust..
And It Is With This Reason I Allow Sleep To Have You
To Take You In It’s Mindless Numb
For Our Vessels Have Legacies To Create
Carving Their Familial Bone Into The Clay With Our Intertwined Spines
Erecting Their Tribal Stance With Flood Water And Sand..
We’ll Make Kings, You And I
That Will Whisper Our Existence In Every Footprint
Battle Cry Our Presence In The Drum-Like Repetition Of Their Heartbeat
Bleeding All We Once Were Across The Grasslands..
They Will Sing Our Song Into The Sky
To Resonate Amongst The Clouds As Lightening
Negotiating New Hurricanes, That Bless With Rains
To Feed The Soil Eternally
~ That We Were Once The Beginning
We ~ Were Once Love. .