You are in my mind each and

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You Are In My Mind Each And Every Day
I Know This Feeling Would Never Go Away
You’re A Wonderful Lover And A True Friend
I Wish To Be With You Till The End
Love You With All My Heart,Body,N Soul
You’re The One For Me, Don’t You Know
Despise The Distance Or How Far Apart
You Are No Where But In My Heart
I’m Not Gonna Be Weak Nor Gonna Cry
Cause All It Is But A Temporary Good-Bye
If You Ever Feel Lonely Or Feeling Sad
Please Think Of All The Fun That We Had
Just Keep Your Head Up And Be Strong
I Promise You That Nothing Will Go Wrong
Keep Fighting Your War,N I’ll Battled My Days
Before You Know It, Our Price Will Be Paid
Together We Will Be, This Coming July
And Never Again We Will Say Good Bye
By Dansgirl83