Why do people see me as they

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Why Do People See Me As They Do?
They Talk As If They Already Knew
About My Life, Situations, And My Goals
But They Only See Two Things: My Face And My Clothes
The People That Judge At First Sight
Are The People Who Aren’t So Bright
I Don’t Care If They Think I-‘m A Certain Way
They Have Nothing Better To Do Or To Say

Just Because My Appearance Seems Just Right
Doesn-‘t Mean I Don-‘t Have Struggles And Fights
Everyone Goes Through Hard Times Here And There
I Just Don-‘t Show It And Care Not To Share
So Don-‘t Judge Me On How I Look And Dress
Just Be Glad For Me That I-‘m Blessed
Yes, I Go Through My Times Just Like You
I Just Don-‘t Show It, The Way You Do
Krystal Peter