Why do i have this life its

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Why do i have this life
Its so crap and painful
Id like a map to help me through
The times i feel down
The times I want to visit the town of death
And just to stop me taking a breath
I just want to lay
I just cant wait for the day
I drop dead
Fall to the floor
At the bottom of my bed
I fall down to the floor
With a bump to my head
I want to just die
Staying a live is just a lie
Just shoot me god dam it
Then ill say good bye
Im sick of living
Im sick of school
Home life two
There are things I want to do
I want to bleed
Thats the thing i really need
Cut my wrists really deep
Hear the beep go quiet
That means grim has taken me
Hopefully then i will see
You people dont care
People dont see my pain
People dont see me my sadness
I want to die
Living for me i like i said is just a lie
Oh well love you all and goodbye
by dark-emo‚