When you lay in your bed thinking

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When You Lay In Your Bed Thinking,
Remember That She’s Doing The Same.
When Tears Fall From Your Eyes,
Remember That She’s There 2 Take Away Your Anger & Pain.
When You Feel Like No1 Cares Or Understands,
Remember That Her Voice Is Only A Call Away.
When Your Lonely And Need Her To Hold You,
Remember To Take Advantage Of The Promises She Made You.
When You Miss Having Someone To Call Your Own,
Remember That She Misses It Too.
When You Start To Think That She Doesnt Love You,
Remember That She Could’nt Love Ne1 Else As Much As She Does U.
When You Think She Is Okay,
Remember That She Really Isnt.
When Life Is Treatin You Like Crap,
Remember That She Wants To Take Your Hand And Tell You It’ll Be Okay.
When You Feel Cold And Hurt,
Remember That She Wants To Keep You Warm And Safe.
When You Miss Her,
Remember To Think About How Much She Misses You.
When You Think About How Much In Love She Is With You,
Remember How Much In Love You Are With The Girl You Called Your Wife.
When You Finish Reading This 2nd Last Line,
Remember She’s By Your Side, Alwa