When they ask why im down i

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When they ask why I-‘m down
I tell them I-‘m not & everything-‘s fine
When they read my expression & see that I-‘m upset
I tell them that I-‘m just a little stressed about school work
When they see me laugh they fall for my act
As i cover up what-‘s really bothering me with lies
When I smile at them they smile back with relief
As I hide the tears in my eyes
When I cry I tell them the screen is hurting my eyes
When I cry I tell them the sun is shinning very bright
When my eyes are red from all the tears I tell them
I haven-‘t had much sleep staying up late to complete work
When they listen to everything I tell them
They read in-between the lines
They still know the truth
They know what-‘s on my mind when I-‘m silent
They know not to question for it-‘s only a matter of time
They say time is a healer; no amount of time will be able to heal me
Not this time round, I-‘ve been defeated, I feel like such a fool
I shouldn-‘t have said what I had…
For you didn-‘t appreciate what you meant to me
Not once did you put yourself in my position and see…
I-‘m still so unsure of what to do when I see you
I want you to know how much you-‘ve hurt me…
But I want to show you that you-‘ve let the best thing
That every happened to you go…
You never gave me a chance & one day someone will do the same
Maybe then you-‘ll know what lies behind my expression
Maybe then you-‘ll see just how much you hurt me…
I don-‘t know why but I still love you….and I still cry…