When on my errand youll ascend high

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When, On My Errand, You-‘ll Ascend High In The Sky
To Move With The Wind, Being Looked Keenly By The Wives
Of Those Who-‘re Abroad; Far From Them, Since Long
Holding-Up The Ends Of Their Non-Braided Tresses
That, Otherwise Swung Around Their Heads And Faces
Obstructing Visions Whilst Covering Their Eyes
Cheered Up By The Thought That Their Spouses Will Be Back
Soon, With The Ensuing Rains, To Be Now With Them
Who Else Than Me, Who-‘s So Bound To His Employer
Being Dependent On Him For His Living An-‘ Welfare
With Commencement Of Rains, Lightening And Thunder
Leave Lone His Separation-Afflicted Wife?