When i take a long time to

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When I Take A Long Time To Finish,
I Am Slow,
When My Boss Takes A Long Time,
He Is Thorough
When I Don’t Do It,
I Am Lazy,
When My Boss Does Not Do It,
He Is Busy,
When I Do Something Without Being Told,
I Am Trying Tobe Smart,
When My Boss Does The Same,
He Takes The Initiative,
When I Please My Boss,
I Am Apple Polishing,
When My Boss Pleases His Boss,
He Is Cooperating,
When I Make A Mistake,
You’re An Idiot.
When My Boss Makes A Mistake,
He’s Only Human.
When I Am Out Of The Office,
I Am Wandering Around.
When My Boss Is Out Of The Office,
He’s On Business.
When I Am On A Day Off Sick,
I Am Always Sick.
When My Boss Is A Day Off Sick,
He Must Be Very Ill.
When I Apply For Leave,
I Must Be Going For Aninterview
When My Boss Applies For Leave,
It’s Because He’s Overworked
When I Do Good,
My Boss Never Remembers,
When I Do Wrong,
He Never Forgets
If You Are The Boss
Will It Be Like?