When a girl is quiet millions of

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When A Girl Is Quiet,
Millions Of Things Are Running In Her Mind.
When A Girl Is Not Arguing,
She Is Thinking Deeply.
When A Girl Looks At U With Eyes Full Of Questions,
She Is Wondering How Long You Will Be Around.
When A Girl Answers “I’m Fine” After A Few Seconds,
She Is Not At All Fine.
When A Girl Stares At You,
She Is Wondering Why You Are Lying.
When A Girl Lays On Your Chest,
She Is Wishing For You To Be Hers Forever.
When A Girl Calls You Everyday,
She Is Seeking For Your Attention.
When A Girl Sms’s U Everyday,
She Wants You To Reply At Least Once.
When A Girl Says I Love You,
She Means It.
When A Girl Says That She Can’t Live Without You,
She Has Made Up Her Mind That You Are Her Future.
When A Girl Says “I Miss You”,
No One In This World Can Miss You More Than Her