What is love was the gift

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What Is Love ? Love Was The Gift
Why It Turn To Curse,
Why This Making Life Worse
Why This Become Bad Word Which Will Hurt
Will Spoil Some One-‘s World
Why This Has To Give Lot Of Pain And Tears
It Was Dream Why Turn To Night Mares
Why People Behave So Badly
Why They Are So Mean
What They Gain By Hurting Someone-‘s
Why They Turn Back, By Leaving Us Aback
Once They Fill Us Why They Leave Us Void
Why They Say Love You But Trying To Avoid
This Is Everything Or Just A Play
Why All Is Lie Whatever They Say
Is This A Mistake Which Intelligent Ppl Never Do
I Really Got Stuck Here Not Getting What To Do
What Is Pain This World Will Never Know
I Only Know How I Have Gone Through
Why Love Has To Hurt So Much
What Does Mean To Love Some One
What Is Love I Really Don-‘t Know