What is it that makes me love

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Is It
That Makes Me Love You?
Makes Me Adore The Person
You Are And All You Have
Been To Me For Such A Short Period
But Feels Like A Lifetime?
Too Many
Expressions And Ideas
Come Into Play
That I’d Rather Not Say
But Show You
With Sensual Gratitude
After My Thoughts Have Been Processed,
Overpowering My Mind
That I Can’t Think About
Nothing But You
And How You Make Me Feel.
Respect, Treating Me Like A Queen,
Used To Be My Dying Dream
But As I Pout
From A Silly Pinch
I Realize
That I Am Still Alive
And That You Will Soon
Be In My Arms For A Night.
And When That Night Is Shared
I Will No Longer Care
For Things That Are Frivolous
For Everything Else Is Careless
While I Fixate On You