What else is left sens you walked

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What Else Is Left
Sens You Walked Out My Door
What Else Is Left
But All The Tears And The Heart Brake
Its Been 3 Months Sens You Left Me
And To This Day I Still Wonder
Could Care Less What Your
Friends Said
About Me That Night
I Swear I Didn’t Do It
But You Still Kissed Me Good-Bye
Up And Down And All Around
Looking Every Witch Way
I Know You Think I Was With Him
But I Wasn’t
When I Said I Was At My Moms
I Wasn’t Liying
But Go On Beleave
What Ya Gonna Beleave
Cause I’m Done Wasting My
Time On You
You Never Beleaved In Me
To Begin With
So Whats The Point
by Kiymoi‚