We grew up together played every day

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We Grew Up Together
Played Every Day
I Knew It’d Be Forever
And We`d Be Ok
As We Grew Older
We Kind Of Grew Apart
I Got Along With Everyone
You Didn’t From The Start
I Sat In The Back Of The Bus
Always Looking At You
When Kids Were Mean
I Didn’t Know What To Do
A Few More Years Went By
Finally High School Here We Come
You Started Dressing All In Black
And People Thought You Were Dumb
I’m President Of The School
And Head Of The Yearbook Staff
I Was Top Champ At Soccer
I Had The Highest Score In Math
You Turned Gothic
And At Least Played Guitar
You Were Always In Trouble
And Had An Old Rusty Car
But It Seemed You Didn’t Care
And Thats What I Like About You
I Knew You’d Always Be In My Heart
To Me You Have Always Been True
Prom Night I Went With Michael
You Went With Your Buddies
Planning Something Stupid I Bet
I Just Saw You Staring At Me
I Won Prom Queen
And Michael Won King
Then They Played That Sweet Song
That Kelly Clarkson Sings
I Looked Up At You
And Gave You A Smile
Then You Just Walked Up To Me
And Said This Is Worth Your While
Then You Poured Punch On Me
And I Just Looked At You
I Didn’t Know What To Say
I Didn’t Know What To Do
You Grabbed The Mic.
And Said Excuse Me Everybody
Be This Girl With Punch On Her
Use To Be Best Friends With Me
But She Met All You
And Stopped Talking To Me
I Thought We`d Be Friends Forever
But You Always Let Me Be
Just Because You Meet New Friends
Doesn’t Mean You Have To Forget
Forget The Old Ones
But This Girl Did I Bet
He Dropped The Mic. And Ran Out
I Had To Do Something That Night
So I Ran Out To
This Wasn’t Right
I Finally Found Him
And Looked Him In The Eyes
I Said Ill Always Be Your Friend
And I Busted Out With Cries
I Never Forgot You
How Could You Say That
Ever Since I Made New Friends
My Life’s Been Off Track
I Haven’t Even Had My First Kiss Yet
Did You Know That At All?
I Was Always Too Scared
To Give Your Cell Phone A Call
He Said I Didn’t Know
And I’m Sorry
Then He Came Close
And Kissed Me Gently….
I Said What I Needed
I Said Ive Always Loved You
Then He Said Back With A Smile
Ive Always Loved You To