Watching the roads flash by leaves fly

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Watching The Roads Flash By, The Leaves Fly
Life Seems To Be In Fast Forward Mode
In Contrast My Life Moves Slow
Savouring Each Moment, Memories Strike Hard
Good And Bad All Crowd In
I Thought Of You At Each Moment
You Were With Me Always
I Missed Your Voice, Your Laugh, Your Jokes
I Felt So Lost
Thinking About You, I Always Wonder
What Is It That Draws Me To You?
A Hidden Face Mystifies Me
A Voice Is All I Know
Talking To You Makes Me Feel So Good
Gives Me A Sense Of Confidence
We Are So Open With Each Other
A Dream Friendship Wouldn-‘t You Say?
I Hope This Last
Untouched By Troubles Of Life
Coz I Need A Friend Like You
In My Life, For Eternity