Walking into his room there he lay

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Walking into his room there he lay
As I began to make my way
My heart did not begin to fear, Only because ….
I knew God‚  had to be there
I touched His gentle face knowing God in His grace
knew he was tired of running this race
My fingers rubbed his arms ,As I remembered his charms
He was a man that took charge Had a stature of being very large
The scars and wounds his body had taken
There was no mistakening he had been through so much
And now the Lord in his mercy came with a merciful touch
To releae him from his pain that through Christ he would gain ,
gain the right to enter into the light
The light that shines from heaven to you and me
when the Lord asks us do we want to be free
As the Lord and he began to talk
around his bed I quietly began to walk
Knowing the masters presence was there
that is when I saw the first falling tear
I moved closer and began to sing , and sing and sing
For I knew, the Lord would make it sound, like a heavenly ring
He began to move and thrash about
In my mind there was no doubt
He had heard me whisper the song of praise
and on that note his hands began to raise
The more I sang …….”How Great Thou Art “‚  in his ear
He knew as well as I , there was no longer anything to fear
I began to wipe each tear that fell,
Uncle Walter had no fear of hell
For God had come to take his hand
to lead and guide him to a much better land ,
So I wiped away that last tear from his eye
It was time for me to say goodbye ,
Goodbye for now and I will be back soon
before I had a chance ,God in his love came to take him home a little while past noon
sleep on Uncle Walter take your peaceful rest
by romancelady