Walking down a lane with no one

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Walking Down A Lane,
With No One In Sight,
Where Have All Gone?
Or Where Am I?
My Father, My Mother,
My Uncle Or My Aunt,
My Brother, My Sister,
My Neighbour Or My Dog…
Where Is My House?
And Where Is My Lawn,
Where Is The Playground?
And Where Are My Friends…
A Wave Of Terror,
Striking Lightning Fast,
Took All Along,
Leaving Me Standing Still…
Now I Am Alone,
And None With Me,
Tear Trickling Down,
My Eyes To My Cheek…
Where Do I Go,
And What Do I Do?
Is This My End?
Or Is It A Beginning?
All I Am Left,
Is Me And My Sorrow,
Whom Do I Blame?
The Nature Or The Gods….
Oh My Friends,
Help Me Out,
Let Me Live,
And Help Others Survive.