Today i begin journey of life new

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Today I Begin
Journey Of Life
New And Afresh
Without Any Strife
Today I Wanna Touch
The Heights Of Sky
Today I Wanna Teach
To Live & Not To Die
Today I,Yes I Wanna Smile
Without Any Special Reason
Today I Wanna Walk That Extra Mile
To Forgive Someone’s Treason
Today I Wanna Forget
My Past With Its Pain
Today I Wanna Walk Into
My Future- An Unseen Lane
Today I Wanna To Live
To Forget And Forgive
Bcoz Life Has Many Good Things To Give Me
But To Take Them,I Must Set Myself Free
Free From The Anguish And Pain
Free To Love The Beautiful Life Again
Yes I Have To Learn To Move On
Because Life Will Keep Going On And On