Time has come for me to say

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Time Has Come For Me To Say Good Bye
I Hate To Do This, But My Country Needs Me
I Have To Fight For The Country
To Salvage The Pride Of Motherland
My Country Has Given Birth To Many Great People
Inspired From Them, I’m Here For My Country
Protecting It From The Enemies
I Owe Every Thing To My Country
I Would Even Sacrifice My Life For My Country
But I Promise You That I’ll Come Back
The Times We Spent, The Memories We Shared Are Unforgettable
You Are The Love Of My Life
I Would Do Any Thing For U
I Would Even Fight Against The Death
To Stand By My Word, For Your Love
But I’m Afraid I’m Dying
I Can See The Gates Of Heaven Opening
It Pains Me A Lot I Cry My Heart Out Not That I’m Dying
But For I’m Going To Break My Promise.