This is just a thank you for

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This Is Just A Thank You For All You
Have Done For Me
I Have Finally Opened My Eyes
I’m Finally Able To See
I Wouldn’t Be Here Today
If It Wasn’t Foe You Guiding Me
You’ve Played Such A Major Role In My Life
You Sent Me On A Search For Something To Find
I’ve Made Alot Of Mistakes
Some More Then Once
But You Never Gave Up On Me
Always Gave Me Another Chance
There’s Days I Wake Up Wanting
To Just Lay All Day In Bed
I Constatly Have A Thousand Thoughts
Running Thru My Head
I Pick Up A Pen And Paper As Relief
Writting Poems Of My Life Some People Dotn Belive
Firends Say I’m Lucky Cause I Am Talented & Pretty
I Thank Them But They Don’t Realize They Don’t See
I Have So Much Anger Hurt And Pain
Built Up Inside Of Me
I Have So Many Questions I Want To Ask
But The Aswers I Know Would Be A Forgotten Task
I Find Myself Praying For Things That I Know Will Never Change
by nicoleg81‚