They stand side by side one red

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They Stand Side By Side,
One Red, The Other White.
Baby’s Breath Behind Them,
Combined, A Wondrous Sight.

Each Flower Represents Us,
The White For You, The Red For Me.
As We Look Upon The Baby’s Breath,
Which Is A Starry Sea.
The Vase Itself, A Metaphor,
It Holds Our Love So Much,
Though Are We Only Two, My Dear,
Our Hearts Shall Always Touch.
My Petals Gently Brush With Yours,
As If They Were Our Lips.
Our Stalks, They Cross Each Other,
At The Point That Is Our Hips.
And All About Us Tangling,
The Stems That Are Our Arms.
Which Lets Me Hold You Forever,
Protecting You From Harm.