These two cows were ruminating and one

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These Two Cows Were Ruminating
And One Says, I Was Listening
To The Milkmaid-‘s Transistor
And This French Philosopher
Was Explaining That There-‘s
No English Translation Of The French Word
-Ë—betise-‘ Except -Ë—stupidity-‘ But
-Ë—stupidity-‘ Only Refers To Man
Where The French -Ë—betise-‘ Means
To Behave Like An Animal-Â…
And The Other Cow Says
Well What-‘s Wrong With That
And The First Cow Says
Well His Point Is, English Cows
Can-‘t Be Stupid; Only Man
Can Be Stupid..
And The Other Cow Says
Well That-‘s A Relief Then
So Does That Mean That French Cows
Can Be Stupid
And The First Cow Says
No Because They Don-‘t Have A Word For It
In French
So The Other Cow Says
So Then Is It Better To Be
An English Cow
That Can-‘t Be Stupid
Or A French Cow
That Can-‘t Be Called Stupid
And The First Cow Says
Who Cares, I-‘ve Always Said
The French Ruminate Too Much
And Then Talk Bullshit-Â…
And The Other Cow Says
I-‘m Glad I-‘m English
What About That French Milkmaid
I Call Sexyhands But
The Farmer Sometimes Calls
A Silly Cow I Wonder What
Derrida Would Say About That