Theres is a book that we all

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Theres Is A Book That We All Read.
In Our Prayers And In Our Dreams.
Its In Our Thoughts And In Our Minds.
And We Can All Recite The Lines.
Cause This Book Is Part Of The Past.
A Memory That Always Lasts.
Its The Present And Future And In Our Hearts.
In The Book We Play The Best Part.
This Is Our Book Our Stoy To Tell.
Life Lived In Heaven Or Life Lived In Hell.
Its Our Life This Book We All Know.
Its Not Been Written And It Cant Be Shown.
So As We Each Live Another Day.
The Book Changes And Is Never The Same.
Because The Future Isnt Written In Stone.
You Can Be With Friends Then Be Alone.
Cause The Choices We Make Change Like Our Dreams.
And Its All In This Book That We All Read