Theres a place you can go where

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There-‘s a place you can go
Where you can act
Like everything-‘s ok
Sit and watch life like a show
You can forget about everyday
Rest in grass that never grows
It seems perfect in every way
A lightened sky from a darker world
No pain inside
Until reality is unfurled
For there-‘s something that you must know
In this pretend world you cannot stay
As the clouds begin to dropp low
The dark invades and everything-‘s grey
The real world-‘s influence takes over slow
All that-‘s fake is wiped away
The place from which you tried to be free
Is now the only thing you can see
What was once your hidden refuge
Has been unlocked with an imaginary key
Everything has frozen over in snow
Thunder echoes through the endless night
The river turned to ice will never flow
And your world will never again see light
The wind no longer sings as it blows
The place where you were safe
Now leaves you in plain sight
It-‘s time to see it-‘s in your mind
No longer to the real world are you blind
sandra geisell