There was a time when we were

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There Was A Time When We Were Young,
You Had Mysterious Eyes And Your Body Went Unsung,
There Was A Time When We Were Free,
Yours Was The Only Smile I Wanted To See.
There Was The Night We Were Together,
Our Bodies Pressed Tightly As If Bound By Leather,
Was That First Kiss The Beginning Of Something Great,
Or Merely A Smack In The Face Of The World We Hate?

There Was The Feeling Of Your Kisses Down My Chest,
Your Lips Ready To Assail The Area You Knew Best,
You Took My Most Intimate Expression In Your Mouth,
It Was Like The Heat Of The South.
There Was Your Famine Only My Seed Could Quell,
My Essence Was Concentrated In An Orgasmic Swell,
It’s Said Such An Eruption Is Called The “Little Death,”
As You Drank You Owned My Life And My Breath.
There Was The Heat Emanating From Your Oasis,
The Invitation To Explore Your Garden Released Me From My Stasis
You Offered Me Your Secret Night,
I Was A Subject To Your Nameless Delight.
There Was The Taste Of The River Flowing From Your Core,
I Castaway My Tongue To Caress Each Shore,
The Rainfall Of Your Sighs Focused My Desire,
Passion Devoured My Will And Unleashed My Fire.
There Was Blood As Your Nails Clutched My Back,
Our Shared Heat Prolonged Our Relentless Coital Attack,
You Broke Through The Blindness Of My Hate,
From Your Love I Understood You Were My Fate.
There Was The Lost Heat As Your Side Of The Bed Cooled,
You Went Back To A Life Only You Could Have Ruled,
I Was A Part Time Happy Mistake,
But To Drink From You I Would Give All I Could Take