There it lied a single creation fading

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There It Lied, A Single Creation,
Fading From The Sun,
Little Did It Know, In Silence,
Its-‘ Life Had Just Begun,
For In The Depths Of The Rays It Soaked,
Ready To Bloom With A Beauty So Rare,
Waiting To Find The Water Of Life,
A Single Soul That Would Love And Care,
And There He Walked, And Saw Its, Light,
Fed It With Honesty, Watered It With Love,
Nurtured It With Only An Understanding,
That Could Have Come Forth From A Spirit Above,
He Gave It Life With Patience,
Enough Encouragement To See Its Leaves Aglow,
And While The Rose Bloomed To Show Her Petals,
He Gave To It A Soul,
In Promises Of Every Tomorrow,
And Vows Of Understanding All Yesterdays,
In Trust And Faith, Hope And Love,
And Knowledge Of An Emotion That Never Fades,
In A Heart Full Of Compassion,
And A Love That Remains True,
In These Words Of Commitment And Forever,
I Vow These Words To You,
(State Vows Here)
I May Not Have The World In My Hands,
Or The Universe To Give To You,
But I Have The Knowledge That I’ll Stay Near,
No Matter The Situations We Go Through,
For Love Is Understanding,
And Love Never Departs,
That-‘s The Best Lesson I Learned,
The Day You Touched My Heart,
For On The Day That I Fell In-Love,
And My Long-Sleeping Soul Awoke,
You Changed Me From A Wilting Flower,
Into A Gorgeous, Blooming Rose.