There at the station youre once again

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There, At The Station, You-‘re Once Again
My Blue Line Friend
Your Smile Fills Joy To A Long Day
Complementing My Ride On The Train

My Rush To Get Here Was Not In Vein
Cause Waiting For Me You-‘ll Always Be
My Blue Line Friend
Your Hello, How Are You? Makes It Worth
To Be Here Day By Day After Work
Sitting Together We Always Ride,
We Talk And Laugh As It Comes To An End,
Sadly, My Station Will Be Next
I Get Up As I Extend My Hand
See You Monday! You Will Say,
When We Hold Hands On My Way.
Is A Pleasure To Be By Your Side
My Blue Line Friend
The Week, For Us, Has Just Ended
I Will Miss You For Two Days!
But I Will See You Monday Once Again
My Blue Line Friend