The waters surface was as smooth ice

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The Waters Surface Was As Smooth As Ice
A Glittering Shade Of Aqua And Blue
The Sandy Bottom Was Visible
With Pristine Clarity So True
An Open Mind Awaits A Vision
To Find Its Own Release
Requiring No Decision
A Quest For Inner Peace
Each Gentle Wave Sings Softly
As I Float So Effortlessly
The Soft Water Caresses Me
Suspended In Its Melody
Sensations Unfamiliar
They Raise My Sense Of Being
Like A Visit Back Into The Womb
Rebirth Is What I Am Seeing
I Feel Each Gentle Movement
That Carries Me Away
Immersed In A Soft Liquid
Suspended In This Way
Suddenly There Is Darkness
An Absence Of Heavenly Light
Losing All Concept Of Time
It Wasn-‘t Day Or Night
With Hands Outstretched And Reaching
I Can Hear A Beating Heart
I Can Sense My Own Revival
I Can Feel A Brand New Start
Darkness Becomes Clarity
Submerged In Cascading Light
My Arms Like Wings Floating
Attempting To Take Flight
My Eyes They Slowly Open
As I Arise Upon A Crest
The Tide Of Life Is Turning
The Clouds They Smile In Jest
Floating On The Edge Of Optimism
Things Seen In A Different Way
I Regain The Sense Of Vision
To Face Another Day
Embraced With Only Pleasant Thoughts
Wrapped Up In Smiles
My Eyes A Lot Brighter
After Facing Daily Trials
Clearwater Flowing All Around Me
With A Lucid And Thoughtful Mind
I See Things So Much Clearer
After Letting Myself Unwind
A Minute Of Meditation
Clear Water Eases The Mind
A Continuation Of Life-‘s Celebration
Relax Let Yourself Unwind
by walkb99rhyme