The sun shines so brightly in my

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The Sun Shines So Brightly In My Eyes Today
Yesterday The Rain Clouds Wouldnt Move From Above My Head
I Guess It Just When Your Close By The Sun Want To Stay
When L Am Alone The Rain Pours Down My Face
Like An Open Book L Think You Know What L Want To Say
And You Know The Effects Of My Life When Your Away

Home Is Where L Want To Build You A Place
To Keep Out The Rain And The Roof So Deep
When Your Away L Know The Cold Takes Your Place
By Me Is When The Warmth Shines On My Face
Oh L Dont Think L Could Last More Than A Day
Echoing In Your Footsteps L Know L Wont Fade Away
When Your Away, L Know That No Matter What L Try
Something Happens And Its Not Good When You Know
How Much You Miss The Presence Of The Person You Love So Much
We Have A Perfect Little Life And When Your Not Here
Tiny Little Voices In My Head Seem To Make Me Insane
Your Not Here To Make Them Sound Away
Its Just The Way We Connect
Alive When Your By My Side
When Your Away My Life Seems To Fade Away
Its Not Good When L Know You Sometimes Need To Be Alone
But L Am Right When L Know You Cant Keep Away
When You Away Does It Make You Feel The Same
Leave Behind Everything Makes Me Know That Nothing Is Empty
When You Know The True Value Of Racing Ahead
To Chase Your Dreams When L Know Its With You
When Your Away L Know That L Find L Can Only Lose My Way
Think Of You But Its Just Not The Same
My Life Is Empty And Dead When Your Away