The pain is so much that i

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The Pain Is So Much
That I Just Cannot Bear It
Whatever Comes My Way
I Use Them As Stop-Gap
Books, Pc And The Net,
Music, Reading And
Those Healing Nature Walks.

[More…] Anything Goes
For Short Trips Of
Rapid Respite.
Wish It Could Go
A Long Way-Â…
For Coping And Healing.
May Be, I Should Try
Sex Therapy.
All That Love Is Now
Beyond Me-Â…
Have Had Enough Of That.
No More For Me Now.
Your Body Speaks Of
Lust To Me.
And I Can Only Talk
Sex Now.
I Don-‘t Feel Love
When I See Your Photo.
Just Plain Lust.
So Are You Thirsting
To Take On Me?
As Much As I Am
Famished For Some
Sex And Sex And Sex Only
To Whip The Stress Away-Â…
No Holds Barred.
Let-‘s Forget About Love
And Give In To Our Passions
With Lustful Abandonment.
I Long For Love No More.
Need The Warmth Of Your Body
To Touch My Aches And Pains
With Your Healing Sex Therapy.
Touch Me -—
Where It Hurts The Most
The Bosom Of My Heart.