The night is still young in my

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The Night Is Still Young
In My Heart A Bell Has Rung
Feel Like Singing A Song
And Dancing With It All Along
The Cool Wind Blowing Clear
Singing A Song In My Ears
The Trees Dancing With It
Enjoying Every Moment Of It.
Oops! My Heart Skipped A Beat
-Ë—why? What Has Happened?-‘
-Ë—i Don-‘t Know-‘ Says My Mind
-Ë—maybe It-‘s Fallen For It-‘
-Ë—what Is It?-‘ I Ask Myself.
-Ë—its Love-‘ Said My Mind
-Ë—no It Can-‘t Be-‘ I Said To Myself.
-Ë—wouldn-‘t I Know When I Am In Love?-‘
-Ë—well You Tell Me?-‘ Said My Mind
-Ë—what Do You Call Love?-‘
-Ë—it-‘s-Â…, Well I Can-‘t Say. -Ë—is This Love?-‘
-Ë—well Yes, This Is Love, My Friend.-‘