Success is not merely becoming wealthy only

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Success Is Not Merely Becoming Wealthy.
Success Is Not Only Working For Remaining Healthy.
Success Is Not Going After Fame And Name.
Success Is Not Living Life For Such Mind Game.
Success Is Not Just Taking Career To The Top.
Success Is Not Staying In A Bungalow At The Hill Top.
Success Is Working Hard For Your Dreams You Believe.
Success Is Perseverance And Efforts Till You Achieve Your Deal.
Success Is Having Consideration For Everyone.
Success Is A Strong Desire And To Live To Help Each One.
Success Is To Follow The Religion Of Humanity.
Success Is To Always Remember All Pervading Divinity.
Success Is To Follow The Principle, -ŗlive And Let Others Live.-
Success Is To Accept Others As Diversity Of Nature; Beautiful And Alive.
Success Is Working For Happiness Of The World, A Dedication.
Success Is To Love Everyone Unconditionally Without Any Expectation